Pint-Sized Hero Learns to Mow Lawns by Taking the 50 Yard Challenge

In other news, to extend your life and positively fill your mind to, an 8-year old boy from a small town in Michigan shows us all that age is just a number -- and mowing lawns can be a labor of love for those who deserve it most. 

JR Achteroff, a second-grader from Muskegon County, Michigan, is perhaps the youngest to take up the “50 Yard Challenge,”  a nationwide charitable activity that challenges kids to mow 50 yards in their community for free. 

The 50 Yard Challenge, started by one man who wanted to help his neighbor, became a viral sensation that saw thousands of young men contributing their time to improve their community one lawn at a time. 

Despite never having mowed a lawn in his 8 years, JR took the national challenge as an opportunity to learn how. The pint-size mower has thus far dedicated his newly developed landscaping skills to mowing the lawns of two veterans. 

Here’s to a journey well-started. 

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On June 25, JR accepted the challenge and mowed the first lawn of his life. Initially, he’d been using an old mower that did not self­-propel, but thanks to a good Samaritan, he now has an awesome mower.

“He loves helping people. He loves shoveling. He loves raking,” said John Achterhoff, the boy’s dad, MLive reported.

“He loves doing whatever he can to help people that struggle.”

Though he enjoys mowing and helping the needy, JR, who has since completed mowing two lawns, said the challenge is a bit hard to complete.

The family is scouting for more people who might want help mowing their grass as the boy continues with the 50 Yard Challenge. “Really hoping to be able to connect with some veterans, police officers, firefighters, people with reduced mobility, elderly,” said John.

They’ve been at work posting flyers at American Legion in Whitehall, the White Lake Eagles, and VFW posts in North Muskegon and Montague.

Michigan 8-Year-Old Takes ‘50 Yard Challenge’ to Mow Lawns for Elderly, Veterans, Disabled in Need

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