Bulimia Nervosa

We can treat your daughter if she is suffering from Bulimia Nervosa, an eating disorder in which she alternates periods of large food intake with periods of fasting. Purging (through the use of self-induced vomiting or enemas or laxatives) is frequent. Bulimia is closely related to body dissatisfaction and is approximately nine times more common in females than in males.

Significant symptoms and side effects include dehydration, tooth decay, constipation, ulcers, and esophageal inflammation. Because there is not by and large striking change to total body weight and your daughter may well be average or above average in weight, Bulimia is more difficult to perceive and identify than Anorexia.

Clearview Horizon is an Ideal Setting to Help Your Daughter with Bulimia Nervosa

Left untreated, Bulimia can lead to many different serious, even life-threatening complications. These might include substance abuse, depression, digestive problems (from laxative abuse), gum disease, dehydration (possibly leading to kidney failure), and coronary problems (even heart failure).

There are treatments available for your daughter, and usually, a combination of psychotherapy and (anti-depressant) medications will be beneficial. She might find value in working with a dietician, as well, to help establish beneficial nutritional and eating habits.

As you might expect, your daughter will benefit from family support to help with her Bulimia Nervosa. Whether hereditary in origin or not, body image (often a distorted one) is at the heart of her disorder. Once her Bulimia treatment has ended, varying your menus and family eating routines can go a long way towards promoting healthful habits so that she won’t revert to her previous, negative behaviors, and keep Bulimia Nervosa from taking control of her life again!

Helping Girls with Bulimia Nervosa

Clearview Horizon specializes in treating girls ages 13-17 who exhibit inappropriate behaviors like Bulimia Nervosa. With our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, psychiatric specialists, licensed teachers, and mentors, we’ll help your daughter solve the very difficult issues she faces, and start on a new and more productive path in her life.

We will create an individualized treatment plan specifically for her unique medical, emotional, and psychological needs. The Clearview program is very personable and relational, but highly structured, emphasizing a nutritionally balanced diet, physical activities, and outdoor events, and forged to educate your daughter in a healthy lifestyle.

Clearview is a therapeutic boarding school in a secure setting in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. We have an expert clinical team and a program designed to help work through various behavioral disorders. Our program was created to help your daughter find the strength to overcome her unique issues, including Bulimia Nervosa.

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I have been working in the medical field since 1995;...

I have been working in the medical field since 1995; beginning my journey as a Medical Assistant, LPN, and now an RN BSN. I have worked...