Bodycam Shows Police Officer Giving Stranded Marine Veteran Brand New Boots

In today’s polarizing news cycle, it’s important to recognize humanity’s goodness when it arises. 

Regardless of your political background, ideology, or lack thereof, we all know and feel the weight of what we have witnessed on TV. That said, the screens in which we obtain even the most legitimate headlines only tell a portion of the story.

The following story involves an officer, a person in need, and what happens when barriers are broken between law enforcement and those whom they are sworn to protect in the most positive terms imaginable. What’s more, the following is a positive reflection of what most humans are not only capable of, but if given the opportunity, are likely to do if given similar circumstances. 

An officer of the law sees a man in need. He goes above and beyond his duties to help a veteran. This story is not an isolated one. However, it is one that often goes underreported. 

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A routine check for a sheriff’s deputy turned into a stirring show of generosity—and gratitude—at a gas station in Chisago County, Minnesota.

In footage captured at the scene from an officer’s bodycam, a young man in dire straits is seen at a Holiday service station, hitchhiking through Rush City.

He’s heard telling a deputy who’d responded to a call that he’s a service member, a former Marine, on his way home, in the direction of Iowa, passing through to Wyoming. The officer points out something that isn’t right.

The man has no shoes.

“My boots gave up on me last night,” he says in the video. Then, he looks down, “I got my boot liners.”

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Soon, backup arrives.

Chief Deputy Justin Wood shows up and, upon inquiry from the other officer, learns that the young man wears a size-10 1/2.

Wood, who wears a size-11, disappears and comes back holding a pair of brand-new boots in his hand, which he hands to the young veteran in need.

Bodycam Shows Deputy Giving Own Brand-New Boots to Young Serviceman Stranded on Road With No Shoes

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Mike Linderman, MA, LCPC

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I am married with three children and live in Montana. I...

I am married with three children and live in Montana. I have been working with troubled teens for over 20 years and specialize in...