"My purpose is to give life in all its fullness." John 10:10 HSCB

Are you excited about the opportunities of today and thrilled by the possibilities of tomorrow? Do you confidently expect God to lead you to a place of abundance, peace, and joy? And when your days on earth are over, do you expect to receive the priceless gift of eternal life?

If you trust God’s promises, and if you have welcomed Jesus into your heart, then you believe that your future is intensely and eternally bright.

It takes courage to dream big dreams. You will discover that courage when you do three things:

#1 accept the past,

#2 trust God to handle the future, and

#3 make the most of the time He has given you today.

No dreams are too big for God—not even yours. So start living—and dreaming—accordingly.

Allow your dreams a place in your prayers and plans. God-given dreams can help you move into the future He is preparing for you. - Barbara Johnson

Our Prayer: Dear Lord, my hope is in You. Give me the courage to face the future with certainty, and give me the wisdom to follow in the footsteps of Your Son, today and forever. Amen.

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Jason Thielbahr
Jason Thielbahr

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Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a...

Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Occidental College where he was an...