"For it is God who is working among both, the willing and the working for His good purpose." Philippians 2:13 HCSB

As human beings with limited understanding, we can never fully comprehend the will of God. But as believers in our loving and caring God, we must always trust the will of our heavenly Father.

The Lord has promised that He is in control, and when we trust Him, He will guide us. That promise is foundational to the Christian faith, and it’s a promise that should be foundational in your own faith.

Before His crucifixion, Jesus went to the Mount of Olives and poured out His heart to God (Luke 22). Jesus knew of the agony that he was destined to endure, but He also knew that God’s will must be done.

We, like our Savior, face trials that bring fear and trembling to the very depth of our souls, but like Christ, we, too, must ultimately seek God’s will, not our own.

As this day unfolds for you, seek God’s will for your own life and obey His Word. When you entrust your life to Him completely and without reservation, He will give you the strength to meet any challenge, the courage to face any trial, and the wisdom to live in His righteousness and in His peace.

Are you willing to do this today?

Are you unwilling to do this today?

What is the "this" I am referring to? The "this" of entrusting your life to Him completely and without reservation.

The choice is yours.

"The will of God is the most delicious and delightful thing in the universe." - Hannah Whitall Smith

Our Prayer: Dear Lord, You are the Creator of the universe, and I know that Your plan for my life is grander than I can imagine. Let Your purposes be my purpose, and let me trust in the assurance of Your promises. In the name of the cleansing, clearing, and protective Blood of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Today's Promise was provided by "365 Daily Promises and Prayers for Women," by Worthy Inspired (April 24, 2012). This 365 daily devotional for women will remind you of the eternal promises found in God's Word and draw you closer with prayer each day (order your copy here).

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