"Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave and strong." 1 Corinthians 16:13 HCSB

Are you a woman whose faith is obvious to your family and to the world, or are you a spiritual “wilting flower”? God needs more men and women who are willing to stand up and be counted for Him.

Genuine faith is never meant to be locked up and hidden in the heart of a believer; to the contrary, it is meant to be shared. And a woman who wishes to share God’s Good News with the world should begin by sharing that message with her own family.

Through every triumph and tragedy, God will stand by your side and strengthen you if you have faith in Him. Jesus taught His disciples that if they had faith, they could move mountains. You can too, and so can your family…if you have faith.

Maybe something you’re facing in your life today feels like a mountain. Moving hills is a stepping stone to moving mountains. If you want to start "moving those hills" and eventually the mountain, you need to have faith in Him. Take time to praise Him today. Take time to pray to Him today. Take time to get into the Word today. Watch that mountain move!

Are you willing to be counted as “for Him”? Are you unwilling to let it be known that you are “for Him”? The choice is yours.

Faith moves mountains, intelligence goes over them, wisdom goes around them, but love levels them." - Matshona Dhliwayo

Our Prayer: Dear Lord, make me your obedient, faithful servant. You are with me always. Give me faith and let me remember that with Your love and Your power, I can live courageously and faithfully, today and every day. Amen.

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Jason Thielbahr
Jason Thielbahr

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Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a...

Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Occidental College where he was an...