"Do not neglect the gift that is in you." 1 Timothy 4:14 HCSB

God has given you talents and opportunities that are uniquely yours. Are you willing to use your gifts in the way that God intended? And are you willing to summon the discipline that is required to develop your talents and to hone your skills? That’s precisely what God wants you to do, and that’s precisely what you should desire for yourself.

As you seek to expand your talents, you will undoubtedly encounter stumbling blocks along the way, such as the fear of rejection or the fear of failure. When you do…don’t stumble! Just continue to refine your skills and offer your services to God. And then the time is right, He will use you to advance humanity—but, it’s up to you to be thoroughly prepared when He does.

Just keep moving forward.

"Great relief and satisfaction can come from seeking God’s priorities for us in each season, discerning what is “best” in the midst of many noble opportunities, and pouring our most excellent energies into those things." - Beth Moore

Our Prayer: Dear Lord, I praise You for Your priceless gifts. I give thanks for Your creations, for Your Son, and for the unique talents and opportunities that You have given me. Let me use my gifts for the glory of Your kingdom, this day and every day. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

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Jason Thielbahr
Jason Thielbahr

Head of Schools

Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a...

Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Occidental College where he was an...