"I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you." 2 Kings 20:5 NKJV

God does not promise that we will not face tough times, disappointments, hardships, or pain. These experiences are the inevitable cost that each of us must pay for being human. From time to time, we all encounter adversity. Thankfully, we need never encounter it alone. God is always with us. And He has promised that He can heal our broken hearts if we let Him.

If you find yourself enduring difficult circumstances, remember that God remains in His heaven. If you become discouraged with the direction of your day or your life, turn your thoughts and prayers to Him. He is the God of possibility, not negativity. He will guide you through difficulties and beyond them. And then, with a renewed spirit of optimism and hope, you can thank the Giver for gifts that are simply too numerous to count.

"God’s peace is like a river, not a pond. In other words, a sense of health and well-being can permeate our homes even when we’re in white-water rapids." - Beth Moore

Our Prayer: Dear Lord, sometimes life is so difficult that I can’t see any hope for the future. But with You, there is always hope. Keep me mindful that there is nothing that will happen today that You and I can’t handle together. Amen.

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Jason Thielbahr
Jason Thielbahr

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Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a...

Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Occidental College where he was an...