"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are completely His." 2 Chronicles 16:9 HCSB

The Bible teaches us that God is everywhere: everywhere you’ve ever been, everywhere you’ll ever be. He is not absent from our world, nor is He absent from your world. The Lord is not “out there”; He is “right here,” continuously reshaping His universe, and continuously reshaping the lives of those who dwell in it.

Your Creator has promised that He is with you always, listening to your thoughts and prayers, watching over your every move. If the demands of everyday life weigh down upon you, you may be tempted to ignore God’s presence or—worse yet—to lose faith in His promises. But when you quiet yourself and acknowledge His presence, God will touch your heart and renew your strength.

"Do not limit the limitless God! With Him, face the future unafraid because you are never alone." - Lettie Cowman

Our Prayer: Father, thank you for always hearing my prayers and allowing me to walk in your divine favor. I plead my cause before you because I have been justified through your Blood. In the Name of Jesus. I plead the Blood of Jesus over my life, my home, my family, over all of my affairs, over our Clearview families and staff members, and overall of which You have made me a steward. I plead the blood of Jesus on the portals of my mind, my body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and my emotions. Therefore, I’m confident that I am protected by the Blood of the Lamb, and nothing shall by any means come to harm me, my family, or our Clearview families and staff members. I declare no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper because this is my heritage as a servant of the Lord. Lord, You said that the life of the flesh is in the Blood. Thank You for being the life sustainer, for Your Blood has cleansed me from sin and shame. I am now a partaker and joint-heir to the Kingdom. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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Jason Thielbahr
Jason Thielbahr

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Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a...

Jason was born in Santa Monica, California. Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Occidental College where he was an...