We can treat your daughter who is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), a behavior pattern seen as the inability to stay focused on the task, with difficulty in controlling emotions and physical activity, when compared with the general population. That negative behavior can easily get in the way of your daughter’s ability to finish her work, and function successfully in society.

If your daughter is easily distracted, has poor organizational skills, or jumps from one uncompleted task to another, she may well be facing the problems of Attention Deficit Disorder.

The exact causes of ADD (also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD) are unknown, but studies show some links with genetics, diet, and environment. Attention Deficit Disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed problems among young people today and so it is important to identify this Disorder properly, as certain other conditions (i.e.: anxiety, sleep or thyroid problems, depression, unexpected life change) can closely imitate ADHD-like behaviors.

Clearview Girls Academy – The Ideal Setting to Help Your Daughter with Attention Deficit Disorder

With great ease of distraction that arises with ADD, poor academic performance, and low self-esteem, a large percentage of girls with ADHD will fail to finish high school. While she may not completely outgrow her symptoms, she can certainly learn strategies for success.

We know you don’t want ADHD to control your daughter’s life! Treatment for ADD and ADHD can be effective with a combination of medication, diet, and behavioral therapy.

Helping Girls with Attention Deficit Disorder

Therapeutic boarding school clinical teamClearview Girls Academy specializes in treating girls ages 13-21 who exhibit inappropriate behaviors like ADD. With our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, psychiatric specialists, licensed teachers, and mentors, we’ll help your daughter solve the very difficult issues she faces, and start on a new and more productive path in her life.

We will create an individualized treatment plan specifically for her unique medical, emotional, and psychological needs. The Clearview program is very personable and relational, but highly structured, emphasizing a nutritionally balanced diet, physical activities, and outdoor events, and forged to educate your daughter in a healthy lifestyle.

Clearview is a therapeutic boarding school in a secure setting in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. We have an expert clinical team and a program designed to help work through various behavioral disorders, including Attention Deficit Disorder. Our program was created to help your daughter find the strength to overcome her unique issues.

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