Global Projects that Are Optimistic About The Future 

I think it’s safe to say that the last year has felt historically tumultuous. With the pandemic, civil unrest, and ideological divisiveness at what seems like an all-time high (or low, depending on how you gauge it), one would be forgiven to feel uneasy about the future. 

Tumultuous though our current situation may be, it’s important to reset our perspective and look to positive harbingers of what lies ahead. 

The following discusses a few ever-the-optimistic conceptual artists whose prospective projects are essentially cultural and art exhibits designed to be enjoyed and shared with humanity for thousands of years into the future.

The list consists of A library that won't lend its first book until 100 years from now, a music installation created to play until the year 2999, and a 10,000-year clock in the Texas mountains that is funded by Jeff Bezos. 

With that, let’s enjoy the following list of inspiring human projects to restore our faith in resilience, innovation, and most importantly, the future of humanity during even its most trying of times. 

The article linked below lists three unique and innovative projects that are optimistic about humanity’s future and are currently underway. Here is a snippet of the first two on their list, the Future Library.

Three Good Things: Inspiring Projects that Show Faith in Our Future

With a message of hope and trust, The Future Library is a project with the premise “who will be reading books 100 years from now?” 

More specifically, Katie Paterson, a Scottish artist, has been collecting works by selected artists since 2014. Rather than publish them outright, she seals them in a time capsule, not to be opened until the year 2114. What’s more, the texts are a complete mystery to everyone except the writer. They’re meant to  be read for the first time a century from now, with the selfless objective of “spreading a message of hope and trust, reaching out to our children’s children.”

Click here to read the original article, from Positive News, in its entirety. 

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Tina has worked in the field of Education for 23 years. She graduated from Hastings College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and...