Two Pint-Sized Heroes Deliver Food and Goods to Vulnerable People During Pandemic

The following story is yet another shining example of why we should be excited about our country’s future in the hands of today’s teens. Last year’s COVID-19 pandemic was brutal for everyone. However, no one was more at risk than the elderly and those with health conditions. For vulnerable demographics such as these, something as mundane as leaving their homes could be life-threatening. 

Enter two pint-sized heroes who weren’t going to stand by while those in need gambled their lives by leaving their homes to shop for food and other necessary living supplies. 

Teens Helping Seniors

Two teens from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, used their ingenuity, compassion, and break from school to protect their grandparents and others with health conditions by delivering food and other necessities to their homes. 

It started with shopping for and delivering supplies to their grandparents and their neighbors. But what began as a selfless act became a full-on, life-saving movement. 

It wasn’t long before word spread around the neighborhood that the two boys, Matthew Casertano and Dhruv Pai, decided to make flyers and vastly expand their reach to surrounding areas. Three days later, Teens Helping Seniors was born. 

After branding their movement Teens Helping Seniors, they began to recruit volunteers from local public and private schools to areas as far as Washington, DC. In continuing their movement, the two high school sophomores have since recruited college students to join their ranks in potentially saving the lives of vulnerable Marylanders - many of whom have yet to receive covid vaccinations

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In the service project, teen volunteers maintain the proper social distance from the people they serve and show meticulous care while shopping and delivering. They wear gloves while shopping, wipe down bags they are delivering, and offer curbside pickup when possible.

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