Why Professional Help Is Necessary for Treating Teen Addiction

Juvenile drug use is more prevalent in today's American culture than ever. With America's opioid scourge reaching historical figures in terms of usage and fatal overdoses each year, finding professional addiction treatment for teens becomes increasingly critical.

It is essential for parents of addicted teens to find the most effective and professional therapeutic methods for their child. 

Unfortunately, many parents of drug-addicted teenage girls fail to seek the most suitable forms of professional help for their daughter. Failure to locate and utilize said-professional treatment could easily lead to lifelong addictions or even fatal outcomes for addicted teen girls.

With this in mind, we at Clearview Girls Academy created the following article to inform parents of addicted teen girls on the various and complicated factors of drug and alcohol addiction. Most importantly, we want to educate parents on why residential treatment is necessary for treating teen addictions. 

Behaviors That Commonly Trigger Drug Use

It is more than solely addressing a troubled teen's physical addiction to drugs when it comes to expert addiction treatment. Like that of grown-ups, teenage dependence is a complex issue that requires many actionable therapy approaches to treat the external behaviors and all facets of drug addiction, namely, underlying problems that cause addictive behaviors in the first place. 

The following are contributing factors that are commonly known to induce drug and alcohol usage/relapse:

  • Life Stress - For teen users, this may include educational, parental, or individual expectations. Research shows that anxiety is one of the leading causes of teenage drug abuse.
  • Environments that are conducive to using: Adolescent addicts often associate specific settings with past drug use. For instance, when revisiting a place where they have used drugs in the past, teenage users may be overwhelmed by the urge to use whatever substance they associate with said environment. That said, recovering teens must abstain from visiting said 'hangouts' whenever possible.
  • Negative influences: Peer pressure is a highly common and influential factor in teenage drug abuse. Ending all relationships with friends and acquaintances with whom they have used drugs is a necessary, albeit, difficult step in any teenage girl's sobriety journey.  

When it pertains to managing potential "triggers," professional treatment is essential. While participating in clinical counseling and rehabilitation, teens learn valuable lessons on circumventing and overcoming the expected behavioral triggers they will assuredly face when they return home.

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Professional Help Provides Much-Needed Supervision

One of the most important reasons to consider professional help for an addicted teenager is, of course, the 24-hour supervision they will be provided.

In any effective treatment program, the overall well-being of every teen is of paramount importance, which means that every teenage client will be supervised on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week basis. With this constant supervision, teens can undergo mental health therapy for their many underlying emotional and behavioral issues that are known to lead to the development of addiction.

Without this intensive psychiatric care that acutely treats their mental health-related issues, it becomes much more difficult, if not impossible, for teens to receive long-lasting rehabilitation from drug addiction.  

Frankly, without adept, clinical help, the likelihood of a teenager achieving full-rehabilitation is reduced to near-zero percent chances.

For example, opioid addiction - an unprecedented epidemic threat to drug-abusing teens - is more than a physical dependency on drugs. Even after detox, when physical dependence has resolved, addicts are at high risk for relapse. Psychological and social factors are often powerful stimuli for prescription drug abuse relapse:

  • Stress, especially sudden life stresses
  • Cues in the environment, like visiting a neighborhood
  • Social networks, like spending time with friends who continue to use drugs

Leading addiction experts agree to address these potential contributing factors; intensive residential treatment is the most optimal choice for parents to consider. 

If You Are a Parent Of an Experimenting or Addicted Teenage Girl, Clearview Girls Academy is Here to Help!

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