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Residential Therapy and School

Clearview is a residential treatment center for troubled teens with life-controlling issues or misbehavior that may threaten their future. Our therapists work with girls acting out or making inappropriate decisions due to emotional problems stemming from major trauma or loss in their lives, physical or mental abuse, the death of a loved one, or attachment disorders related to adoption. We also specialize in treating eating disorders and self-harming. 

Clearview is an immersive program to help heal negative core beliefs impacting your daughter’s life. This is done through the close collaboration of our therapeutic, residential, and academic departments within a supportive, peer-led community and the use of our therapeutic programs as devices for change. You may have tried personal therapy, wilderness programs, or even a different residential treatment program, only to find old patterns re-emerging after some time. Our therapeutic program is designed first to initiate a desire for change in your daughter. Led by her therapist, the experiences your daughter is exposed to in our program will help incorporate change in her false beliefs and identity. This framework will reinforce newly created positive beliefs by providing a safe and nurturing environment to grow and practice. We are an immersive, modern approach to therapy that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Clearview’s purpose is to give your daughter the tools and guidance to transform her negative beliefs, implement healthy relational patterns, and practice them in various contexts before moving on to lead a virtuous life. We do this by providing a perfect balance of academic rigor and outstanding therapeutics in an environment of support and accountability. We’re one of the safest boarding schools for troubled girls, a transformative refuge for your daughter, staffed with singularly focused professionals on her well-being. For our entire team, our only concern is to bring your daughter to a better place emotionally, physically, and mentally. It’s all we do every day.

We firmly believe that therapeutic change involves more than talk; it comes through immersive experiences designed to prompt activity and emotional healing. These experiences are used strategically by your daughter’s treatment team to challenge her false beliefs, help her identify new, positive beliefs, and reinforce the healthy identity that emerges. By guiding your daughter to examine the beliefs that have caused her symptoms and behaviors, our therapists can set up experiences that challenge those beliefs and introduce tools to shift negative beliefs toward more positive ones while living in our community. With the repetition of newfound positive thinking and actions, day in and day out, the result is a real, lasting, self-motivated change for your daughter even after she returns home.

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Boarding Schools for Troubled GirlsThe Clearview experience is not short-term. Our school for troubled girls program is designed to last a minimum of 9-20 months. If we could help your girl have lifelong success with a shorter-term program, we would do that since there is an ongoing need for help from families across America and worldwide. We’ve learned that one year is the minimum time required for most girls to become open to change, accept that they need help, learn from their therapists, and put new behaviors and thinking into habitual practice. For some girls, it can take many months of counseling before they even begin to get to the bottom of their internal issues, and then more time is needed to work through those issues and the ways for the girl to cope more positively.

Clearview provides innovative therapy, including individual, group, and family counseling. We also offer specialized help for students with abandonment issues. The goal is to uncover the psychological factors contributing to the student’s unhealthy behavior. The student will then learn therapeutic tools that will assist her in being a healthy woman for the rest of her life.

Students at Clearview live together in our beautiful lodge and meet regularly with their therapists, who help them confront fears and gain confidence in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls

Girls who have emotional and behavioral problems tend to be failing in school. So, our on-site, accredited academic program is intentionally computer-based and assisted by a licensed teacher, so girls get caught up and even get ahead in their schooling. Regular academic progress reports are available at any time. Clearview Girls Academy is an accredited school that provides a recognized class transcript. Clearview emphasizes a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet, regular physical activities, restful sleep, and fun times, all designed to teach a healthy lifestyle. Girls participate in many outdoor and recreational events during the year and organize team sports. Girls in our care also enjoy periodic camping and hiking outings in the beautiful and rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Our Christian boarding school staff encourages girls and teaches and attends non-denominational church services for spiritual support. The students must attend church services, youth groups, and Bible study but are not forced to participate in these activities.

Your daughter will learn to evaluate her relationships with God, herself, and others. She will learn to determine her weaknesses, how they affect her behavior, and how to eliminate them. She will learn to listen to her conscience and develop it to be more attuned to her weaknesses. Your child will begin to monitor herself – something teens rarely do independently. But one of the most beneficial results of this process is that she will learn to control her impulsive, emotionally driven decisions and begin thinking about the impact of her actions and responses on others around her, including her parents and family. Your daughter will restore her awareness of right and wrong actions. The serenity and beauty of God’s creation in Montana encourage the softening process and reinforce this understanding that God is the Master of Life and the lover of every troubled teen’s soul. The transformation is amazing! Girls and their families who thought they wouldn’t make it another month live in renewed peace and grace. Read about the experiences of some of the girls that have come to us.


Inquire online now and ask us about insurance.

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residential therapy for girls
residential therapy for girls

residential therapy for girls
residential therapy for girls
residential therapy for girls
residential therapy for girls

We can also help you in your search for other schools for troubled youth, therapeutic boarding schools, homes for at-risk teen near me, troubled teen ranches, or homes for boys. Clearview Residential Therapy and School is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls offering teen counseling for girls with adoption issues (attachment issues), self-harm (self-mutilation) or cutting, or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, anorexia nervosa). Other behavioral issues and disorders we deal with include: defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control girl, please think about Clearview Residential Therapy and School offers teen counseling and teen counselors for troubled girls. We offer counseling for troubled teens and out-of-control teens and especially work with adopted girls with emotional disorders. If you are searching for residential treatment centers for girls, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Therapeutic boarding school for girls with teen counseling and therapy like Clearview is also called “schools for troubled teens” or “residential treatment centers.” This is one of the few affordable residential treatment centers and schools for teens. Clearview is an all-girl school that provides troubled pre-teen and teenage girls with counseling and adolescent therapy. The Christian therapeutic residential school for troubled girls serves at-risk girls seeking a therapeutic boarding school in California, on the West Coast, in Oklahoma, in Nevada, or Minnesota, or Washington State, and in Idaho. We use Trust-based Relational Intervention, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Therapy such as EMDR and Lifespan Integration, Reality Therapy, and Trauma Therapy, plus Neurofeedback and Craniosacral therapy treatments.

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Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls - Clearview Girls Academy offers a top therapeutic program for girls with life-impacting issues.