When we are experiencing a rift in our relationship with our child, it can feel like it is never going to get better. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. The bond between parent and child is never truly severed; it just needs stitching up from time to time.

Many parents send their daughters to Clearview Girls Academy because they are at the end of their rope. They fear they have lost the child they once knew. The truth is many factors can cause a strained relationship with our children. The even greater truth is that many of these factors are out of our control. 

This is why when you feel all hope is lost, you need to reach out for help. At Clearview Girls Academy, we understand this and will be here to take your hand when you do decide to reach out.

Relationships Can Be Restored

In the Bible, Matthew 6:34 tells us “do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 

When you are struggling to connect to your child, it can feel like there are no brighter days ahead. This is because you are taking the present stressful moment, recording it in your mind, and playing that same tape in a future that hasn’t even happened yet! Your stress, fear, anxiety, and worry have clouded your better judgment and reason.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we take those words of Matthew to heart, and we encourage you to do the same. What has happened is in the past. You need to let it go. Now it is time to take action, and we believe that with our many tools and resources, we can help you and your daughter take the right action toward recovering your relationship.

Recovery for the Entire Family

Mental health issues do not just affect the individual. They affect the entire family. If those issues aren’t addressed, they can become like a tornado that picks everything up in its way and tosses it haphazardly aside.

While recovery begins on an individual level, here at Clearview Girls Academy, recovery eventually becomes a family process. Once we create an individualized recovery program for a student and begin getting to the root causes of some of her problems, then we can begin to incorporate the entire family into this plan.

We do this by creating a safe space where both parent and daughter can express themselves openly and honestly. This honest line of communication can go a long way in restoring the mutual trust that the parent and daughter once shared.

Mending a Relationship Takes Time

We also have tools that can help your daughter better understand her emotional struggles, so she can then begin to adjust her behaviors associated with these struggles. This help lies in the therapeutic side of our recovery program.

Therapy takes time, but as they say, “All good things come to those who wait.” When our students give themselves over and engage in the therapeutic practices we offer, they begin to see the new positive opportunities they have to experience life and relationships.

Some of the therapies we use are trust-based relational intervention therapy (TBRI), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), reality therapy, neurofeedback, and craniosacral therapy. These treatments are just some of the ways we help our students recover from the mental health issues that they are struggling with.

When our students engage in our program fully, from the academic to the behavioral to the holistic and physical, we have seen them grow beyond even our own expectations. So when you ask if you will ever be able to mend your relationship with your child, we would answer yes, because your child will change. There are no guarantees, but we have seen these changes happen more times than we can count. Seeing a child reconnect with their parent is something we are extremely proud to facilitate. You will be proud of this accomplishment too, but you may need to be patient, and chances are, you will both have to work for it.

Maintaining the Mend

As the saying goes, “What good is a mended sail, if you never plan on taking the boat out again?” To keep a relationship healthy and whole, it is crucial to continue to work on it even after your child has recovered her mental and emotional health.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we aim to impart the knowledge and provide the tools and resources parents and daughters need to maintain a healthy relationship. 

We encourage families to create a list of “family values” so they can align themselves with each other’s wants and needs. We incorporate devices such as the use of the “awareness wheel” to help families break their issues down into measured and responsible ways to avoid conflict.

There is no greater bond than that which exists between a parent and a child. We understand this, which is why we make your relationship priorities part of our recovery priorities. We want to light your daughter’s path of recovery, and we want you to be there with her as she goes forward into a bright and beautiful future.

When your relationship begins with your daughter becomes strained, it can feel like you have done something wrong. The truth is that relationships are complicated, especially between a parent and child. This is even more true if you suspect your daughter is struggling with her mental health. While you did not cause a rift in your relationship, there is something that you can do about it. There is help available that can not only address your daughter’s mental health issues but also help the entire family heal from its effects. Mental health struggles affect more than just the individual, which is why everyone involved deserves a healthy recovery. For more information,  call Clearview Girls Academy today at (888) 796-5484.