With Conduct Disorder, a child may display a pattern of disruptive and violent behavior and have problems following rules. – schools for troubled youth and troubled teen boarding schools.

With Conduct Disorder, a child may display a pattern of disruptive and violent behavior and have problems following rules. – affordable boarding schools and teenage boarding schools.

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We Can Treat Conduct Disorder at Clearview Horizon:

Conduct DisorderWe can treat your daughter with Conduct Disorder, a condition of repeated violations of social norms and the rights of others.  Does she exhibit verbal and physical aggression, cruelty towards people and pets, destructive behavior, lying, truancy, vandalism and stealing?  The term denotes the distinction between a girl’s “normal” acting out and major misbehavior.  

Clearview Horizon is an Ideal Setting to Help Your Daughter with Conduct Disorder

If she doesn’t get help, your daughter might find herself facing issues of juvenile delinquency and misconduct that might involve school or even legal authorities.  She might be held accountable for behavioral actions that she cannot control.  

Treatment primarily focuses on altering the behavior patterns that encourage bad behavior.  Unlike other disorders, parents might typically be included in your daughter’s Conduct Disorder therapy.  There is no single recognized resolution to Conduct Disorder, but many programs include instructing parents to more effectively discipline and reward good behavior in an attempt to break the cycle of bad actions leading to more bad actions.

Conduct Disorder is thought to be a possible precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Studies have indicated a preliminary link between different brain functions and lowered levels of compassion shown by those experiencing conduct disorders.

Helping Girls with Conduct Disorder

therapeutic boarding schoolsClearview Horizon specializes in treating girls ages 13-21 who exhibit inappropriate behaviors like Conduct Disorder.  With our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, psychiatric specialists, licensed teachers and mentors, we’ll help your daughter solve the very difficult issues she faces, and start on a new and more productive path in her life.

We will create an individualized treatment plan specifically for her unique medical, emotional, and psychological needs. The Clearview program is very personable and relational, but highly structured, emphasizing a nutritionally balanced diet, physical activities and outdoor events, and forged to educate your daughter in a healthy lifestyle.

Clearview is a therapeutic boarding school in a secure setting in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.  We have an expert clinical team and a program designed to help work through various behavioral disorders.  Our program was created to help your daughter find the strength to overcome her unique issues, including Conduct Disorder.

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