Contact information for the Clearview Horizon therapeutic school for girls. – Christian ranches and therapeutic boarding schools.

Contact information for the Clearview Horizon therapeutic school for girls. – Christian boys home and boarding schools for troubled boys.

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We enroll female teenagers year-round. Use the inquiry form.

What Students Say…

“Being here gave me a sense of relief, respect, and an indescribable feeling of content in letting go. Thank you so much for providing all the things you have for me even the things I may not be aware of. I wish and hope you know much it meant to me and helps me.”

“Wow, this has been such an exciting, unbelievable time of my life. I can always look back on my first rough months here and say, wow I’ve changed A LOT. I was this lost, crazy, out-of-control partier/druggie who needed safety and I actually decided it was time for some help. Now I take a look at myself and I see a completely different person in me. I’m this strong woman looking for another chance at life. I know that I’ve earned a new beginning, I deserve and accept it. My mom and I had a toxic relationship and we both didn’t know how to be in a ‘real’ positive relationship. I always told her things to push her away and had no hope. Now we have an amazing relationship thanks to Clearview.

I want to give thanks for everyone who’s helped me through the rough times and all the troubles. Clearview has taught me a lot and has helped me learn how to say no to things and say no to people. I have grown a lot stronger in myself and learned patience, even though I still have a hard time being patient. I’m working on being patient. I am now in an amazing place with myself and everyone here.”



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