About Clearview Girls Academy

Clearview Girls Academy is a Christ-centered residential treatment center for teenage girls troubled with life-controlling issues or misbehavior that may be threatening their future.

Our therapists work with girls who are acting out or making inappropriate decisions due to emotional issues stemming from: major trauma or loss in their life, physical or mental abuse, death of a loved one, or attachment disorders related to adoption. We also specialize in treating eating disorders and self-harming.

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The Clearview Girls Academy experience is not short-term. Our program is designed to last for a minimum of twelve months. If we could help your girl have lifelong success with a shorter-term program, we would do that, since there is an ongoing need for help by families across America and around the world.

We’ve learned that one year is the minimum time required for most girls to: become open to change, accept that they need help, learn from our therapists, and to put new behaviors and thinking into habitual practice.

For some girls, it can take many months of counseling before they even begin to get to the bottom of their internal issues, and then more time is needed to work through those issues and the ways for the girl to cope more positively.

Clearview provides innovative therapy, including individual, group, and family counseling. We also provide specialized help for students dealing with drug addictions and/or abandonment issues.

The goal is to uncover the psychological factors contributing to the student’s unhealthy behavioral choices. The student will then learn therapeutic tools that will assist her for the rest of her life to be a healthy woman.

Students at Clearview live together in our beautiful lodge and meet regularly with their therapists, who help them confront fears and gain confidence in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment.

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Girls who are having emotional and behavioral problems tend to be failing in school. So, our on-site, accredited academic program is intentionally computer-based and assisted by a licensed teacher, so that girls get caught up and even get ahead in their schooling. Regular academic progress reports are available at any time.

Clearview Girls Academy is an accredited school that provides a recognized transcript for classes.

Clearview emphasizes a healthy, nutritionally-balanced diet along with regular physical activities, restful sleep, and fun times; all designed to teach a healthy lifestyle. Girls participate in many outdoor and recreational events during the year, as well as organized team sports.

Girls in our care also enjoy periodic camping and hiking outings in the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest. For spiritual support, girls are given encouragement and instruction by our staff and attend non-denominational church services.

"The Clearview students are required to attend church services, youth groups, and Bible studies, but they are not forced to participate in these activities."

Your daughter will learn to evaluate her relationships in life with God, self, and others. She will learn to determine what her weaknesses are, how they affect her behavior, and how to eliminate them. She will learn to listen to her conscience and develop it to be more attuned to her weaknesses.

Your child will begin to monitor herself – something teens rarely do on their own. But one of the most beneficial results of this process is that she will learn to control her impulsive, emotionally driven decisions and begin thinking about the impact of her actions and responses on others around her, including her parents and family.

Your daughter will restore her awareness of right and wrong actions. The serenity and beauty of God’s creation in Montana encourage the softening process and reinforce this understanding that God is the Master of Life and the lover of every troubled teen’s soul.

The transformation is amazing! Girls and their families who thought they wouldn’t make it another month are now living in renewed peace and grace. Read about the experiences of some of the girls that have come to us.

Our Goals

Our goal is to help girls work through their emotional issues and to grow in a positive self-image.

Girls in our care receive expert therapy and lifestyle training and tools which will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Young women in our care attend individual, group, and family therapy sessions with our skilled professional staff. Art therapy gives girls another way to release their emotions. Animal therapy is also part of our program. Finally, through around the clock interactions with our trained staff, the girls receive constant feedback and mentoring in their thinking and actions.

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You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised that Our Rates Are WELL BELOW Therapeutic Boarding Schools Around the Country, Without Sacrificing Quality of Care.

Young women come to our therapeutic boarding school from across the nation. We are proud of what our team of experts accomplishes with these young women, and we hope we have the opportunity to also help your girl.

For the young girls who come to Clearview, we offer:

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  • academic instruction
  • professional counseling
  • animal-assisted therapy (dogs and miniature horses)
  • individual and group therapy
  • a focus on creativity through art, music and writing
  • trauma recovery
  • physical fitness
  • assistance in understanding life
  • guidance in grasping their place in the world
  • skilled mentors to assist them in areas beyond the grasp of their families
  • a non-threatening, supportive, nurturing environment to solve overwhelming problems that they face
  • a supportive, knowledgeable environment for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy
  • a trustworthy environment where the scars of sexual abuse and physical abuse can be healed
  • assistance in overcoming an eating disorder
  • a safe place to deal with adoption and abandonment issues
  • substance abuse recovery

It is our mission to do all these things to help young girls rejoin their families and face the world better equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Risk Assessment

Check the Risk Level of Your Teenage Girl

Does your child have a real problem that might require the help of a therapist? Check below each symptom your girl is demonstrating, mostly if it is something that is different from how they have acted in the past (a more recent change in her behavior or thinking).

  • No Remorse/No Care
  • Manipulation of Others
  • Severe Mood Swings
  • Obnoxious/Dramatic
  • Poor Concentration/Attention
  • Phobias and Unusual Fears
  • Quarrelsome (unusually so)
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Sexually Acting Out
  • Seeks Attention
  • Strange Thoughts
  • Temper Tantrums
  • Theft or Cheating
  • Vandalism/Lack of Care
  • Change to Dark Friends
  • Lies/Deception
  • Friends Easily Manipulate
  • Eats Too Much/Too Little
  • Panic Attacks
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Physical Violence/Rage
  • Loss of Interest
  • Academic Failure
  • Sexual Identity Issues
  • Sneaky and/or Deceptive
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Threatening/Fighting
  • Verbally Abusive
  • Shy/Timid/Withdrawn
  • Truancy/Disinterest in School

Six (6) or more checks in this category may indicate that therapeutic placement is needed for your girl.


One or more checks in the following boxes indicate a very serious psychological problem. Please contact a therapist or our therapeutic team at Clearview Girls Academy at (406) 847-5850 as soon as possible.

  • Blacking Out
  • Cruelty to Animals/Pets
  • Gang Involvement
  • Suicidal Threats
  • Threats to the Family
  • Illegal Drug Use/Addiction
  • Running Away
  • Violent Thoughts/Actions
  • Cutting/Burning Herself
  • Fire Setting (Arson)
  • Anorexic/Bulimic
  • Threats with Weapons

One (1) or more checks in this category indicate that urgent psychiatric or medical help is very likely needed.

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Typically, the Clearview student is a girl who is acting out or making inappropriate decisions due to emotional issues stemming from: major trauma or loss in their life, physical or mental abuse, death of a loved one, or attachment disorders related to adoption.

Clearview Horizon Candidates

Girls in our care receive an individual treatment plan aligned with their medical, emotional, and psychological needs. Our expert and seasoned therapists care for over 65 girls in our gorgeous mountainside facility that was once a prestigious lodge.

Our multi-disciplinary personnel is dedicated to helping each resident start on a new and more productive path in life. The clinical staff is made up of a psychiatric specialist, a primary care physician, a dentist, and licensed psychotherapists as well as teachers, mentors, and residential care staff. Each student will receive “Coaching” and one-on-one mentoring.

Recreation opportunities include snow and water skiing, snowboarding, hiking, boating, swimming, camping, snowshoeing, sledding, rock climbing, and river rafting.

Each student is asked to evaluate her present life choices and then to explore various ways in which she can improve herself. It is through this process that she focuses on how to set goals and how to take the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

The students will receive behavioral training tools that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Behaviors Which Typically Bring Girls to Clearview:

  • Inconsiderate of Others – does things that are damaging to others
  • Low Self-Image – often feels put down or of little self-worth
  • Authority Problems – does not want to “be managed” by anyone
  • Misleads Others – draws others into negative behavior
  • Easily Misled – is drawn into negative behavior by others
  • Aggravates Others – treats people in negative, hostile ways
  • Easily Angered – often irritated
  • Stealing
  • Alcohol or Drug Abuse Problems
  • Eating Disorders
  • Inappropriate behaviors stemming from adoption/abandonment issues
  • Lying/Cheating
  • Acting – puts on an act rather than being real

Physical aggression and violence are not accepted at the Clearview campus.

The Special Problems of Substance Abuse

Many girls with emotional difficulties are involved with illegal drugs, including alcohol. Teenagers use drugs to cover up personal pain or hurt feelings. Others use drugs in a recreational way, but some slip into habitual or dependent use.

Our therapists will assess each girl with a history of drug use to determine the nature and extent of her drug and alcohol use. If it is appropriate the student will go to weekly AA or NA meetings. Random drug testing may occur.

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Faith Life

Clearview Horizon Girl Praying

Clearview Girls Academy is a community of faith. The girls pray at meals and other special moments. They get together and talk about what they are discovering about their belief in God. This is not forced on them; they come to it on their own terms as they deal with other issues in their lives.

By providing the mentoring and opportunities to develop a faith life, the girls grow as much spiritually as they do emotionally. They are required to attend, but not fully participate in church services, Sunday school, Bible study, and Youth Group. All of these activities are lead by people who wish to support our students in any way that they can.

Clearview Horizon Faith Life

The girl’s faith life also involves service to others. The girls help serve meals at various local places such as the senior center. They do many projects for the local community. The spiritual life of every student is an important component of the Clearview Program.

Clearview offers Christ-centered treatment for life-controlling issues