The Clearview Girls Academy New Mind Neurofeedback Center

Clearview Girls Academy proudly introduces “The Clearview New Mind Neurofeedback Center.” Neurofeedback is an amazing technology that has proven itself effective over the past decade in overcoming Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, PTSD, and a host of other disorders.

The Clearview New Mind Neurofeedback Center is led by a team of compassionate Clearview professionals who are trained under and led by New Mind Center, Dr. Soutar, Ph.D., and their extensive team of Neurofeedback (NBF) professionals.

“There is no part of you that isn’t influenced and regulated by your brain. Unhealthy patterns of brainwave activity can affect not only how well our brains perform but how we feel, how we respond to stress, how our bodies respond to illness and how quickly we’re able to “bounce back” from upsetting events.”

At Clearview, we are dedicated to providing the very best neurofeedback services possible. Our practitioners are BCIA Board Certified Trainers and Practitioners* in the field of neurofeedback and we provide a wide variety of related services to the students, parents, and staff at Clearview.

Our goal is to get this incredible healing power of Neurofeedback into the lives of our students and their families. Neurofeedback is proven to promote relaxation with reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, and provides serious help for girls dealing with ADHD.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life...

At Clearview, our students and their families get direct access to the latest Neurofeedback techniques and technology. More importantly, we are supported by the leading pioneers in the field of neurofeedback, and everything we do is based on the latest research and developments.

At Clearview, we provide several BCIA* Board Certified Trainers and practitioners in the field of neurofeedback and provide a wide variety of related services

*Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA)

“The “decade of the brain” has clearly demonstrated that by exercising our brains so our brainwave activity is shaped into a healthier pattern, people find their symptoms decrease, their mood improves, and their ability to concentrate and sustain their focus, as well as their attention, improves. In short, when our brains function better, we function better.”

Clearview Neurofeedback - Change Your Brain, Change Your Life...

What is Neurofeedback?

NFB is a clinically recommended approach to help with many diagnoses, including ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and much more.

NFB is also an exercise for the Brain, and it helps bring our brain back into its optimal performance zone, where Neurons that fire together are wired and working together.

NFB works off of a rewarding process called reinforcement and the improvements in brain function last up to 30 years and longer. NFB is supported by over 50 years of research as it helps make sense of clinical behaviors while supporting diagnosis and treatment via biological measures.

How is NFB Done?

Place sensors on the scalp and ears which are connected to a computerized amplifier to read electrical impulses. With proper use, the student’s brainwaves start to order properly and the computer feeds this information back to the student. As the practitioner reads the raw EEG data they share and discuss output from each session.

The NFB Process

  • Brain Map
  • Client Assessments
  • Identify Training Protocol
  • 15-20 Training Sessions
  • Work with Primary Therapist
  • Track Symptoms Along the Way

The Vision for your Daughter Using NFB

As we begin to work with you and your daughter rest assure that our Neurofeedback Practitioners will be working with the Clearview Clinical Team which is also supported by our Life Coaches. Everyone is a part of the NFB experience, including the student’s parents.

NFB is meant to enhance and support all other treatment modalities. We will be mapping each student’s brain and connecting it with their initial assessments and various treatment protocols. NFB is in addition to all other therapeutic work. We hope to combine NFB with your daughter’s overall treatment plan and create the most efficient and long-lasting treatment effects possible. We also hope to use NFB to track changes and measure the longevity of treatment outcomes.

“Neurofeedback has proven successful with a great variety of disorders. It has been used very successfully with Depression, Anxiety, AD/HD, Fibromyalgia, OCD, Migraines, Seizure Disorder and has been very helpful with Bipolar Disorder, Stroke, and TBI. NFB has been used for peak performance with PGA golfers, professional athletes, business executives, and others who simply want to improve their lives and perform better.”