Christian Counselors for Troubled Girls Bossier City Louisiana LA 

How Much Does a Christian Counselor From Bossier City, LA Charge for Their Services?

Like all outpatient treatments, the prices of Christian counseling vary. The amount depends on numerous factors, such as your counselor's credentials and level of expertise. Another contributing detail is the area in which you live.

In-person, one-on-one may range from around $60 an hour to more than $175 an hour. So you might want to plan on paying anywhere from about $65 a week to $175 a week for online treatment.

Common areas of focus include:

  • Relationship Struggles
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Trauma / Abuse
  • Couples Therapy
  • Parenting
  • Identity Issues
  • Childhood / Adolescence
  • Grief and Loss
  • Disordered Eating
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Family Conflict
  • Chronic Illness / Pain
  • Divorce Recovery / Blended Families

Psychological evaluation for troubled girls from Bossier City, LA can be an invaluable instrument in understanding your or a child's inner world. Psychological assessment and testing can provide insight into decisions, behaviors, and effects and help clarify diagnoses and familiarize treatment goals and interventions. Testing may include managing the presence of ADHD, a learning impediment, cognitive impairments, and/or define One's personality functioning.

Biblical Counseling Defined 

Another term that many Christian Counselors decided to go by is called "bible counselor."

The following comes to us by the president of a grassroots organization that utilizes Christain Counselors. Don't hesitate to call us today at (888) 796-5484!

Biblical counseling attempts to build a connection with another person in which God's work of change can flourish. Therefore, it is conditional on the Word of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of Jesus Christ. It seeks to build a contextualized perception of the counselee (past and present) and will view that data within the lens of the Bible. The Biblical counselor rests in the understanding that he is not the change agent but a vehicle in the hands of the One who is.

The biblical counselor does not ignore physical issues or emotional data but seeks to desegregate them into a holistic knowledge of the physique and change. The biblical counselor is not adversarial in his relationship to the psychologies of his culture but examines research and insights through the lens of Scripture.

In his work with the counselee, the biblical counsel perpetually acknowledges the supremacy of God, the transformative mercy of Christ, and the insight-giving and conviction-producing ministry of the Holy Spirit. In all of this, the biblical therapist is more significant self not as an isolated tool of change, but One whose obligation is lovingly connected to God's primary mechanism of change; the church, with all of its God-ordained responsibilities, structures, and means of forgiveness." 

There's Evidence to Show Christian Therapy is More Effective Than Secular Therapy 

Parents from Bossier City, LA might be surprised to find out that there have been over 100 metastudies looking into whether Christian Counseling is as effective as secular counseling. The results might surprise you! Below is a retooled blog post that a Christian Counselor made when comparing the efficacy between the two. 

As it turns out, including these studies, Christians who received Christ-centered therapy had better results than atheists who received secular treatment. 

According to one AACC Christian counselor's blog post, religiously accommodated treatments had much greater spiritual effects on the patients than secular therapies. This was powerfully evident for comparisons with no-treatment conditions and alternative-treatment conditions. Also, religiously tailored treatments were even starkly better in increasing patients' spiritual lives than were strictly similar secular treatments (g = .34 at post-test and g = .32 at follow-up).

So, as Christian therapists, we can maintain our heads up, look licensing boards, managed care corporations, and insurance companies in the eyes and say, "Christian accommodated treatments are just as effective or better than secular treatments in improving patients' symptoms, and they also do something for matched spiritual clients that secular treatments can not—provide better spiritual well-being."

Guidance for Parents of Troubled Teens from Bossier City, LA

Clearview Girls Academy is the trusted choice for parents from Bossier City, LA who may be looking for the optimal therapeutic boarding school to provide help for their at-risk child who may be struggling with body image, opiate abuse/addiction, or oppositional defiant disorder related problems. Here at Clearview, parents and families from Bossier City, LA can expect only the best results from our compassionate and expert practitioners. Our research-validated approach to a variety of relevant residential treatment strategies (equine, life training, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy has proven to deliver tremendous success!

Clearview recognizes that the circumstances of one troubled child does not always apply to other teenage girls. As a result, our skilled practitioners are devoted to the administration of each client’s needs; a commitment illustrated by their expert professionalism and sympathy. Here at Clearview, we include the entire family (especially the parents) in the process of our client’s therapy, change, and progress.

In short, the practitioners at Clearview are skilled at supporting troubled adolescents from Bossier City, LA with lasting change. As a premier therapeutic boarding school, we offer a variety of relevant residential treatment strategies (equine, life training, behavioral therapy), outdoor recreation and adventure therapy, and life skills development and experiential education; leading our clients to a healthy, balanced life. If you feel you may benefit from our therapeutic boarding school, we encourage you to contact our intake counselors as the first step to creating lasting change in your at-risk child’s life. We provide guidance to vulnerable teenage girls from Bossier City, LA. Call us at (888) 796-5484 to speak with one of our knowledgeable intake counselors today!

“Now we know that whatever the Law says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that every mouth may be closed and all the world may become accountable to God;” Romans 3:19