Research Highlights the Utility of Equine-Assisted Therapy in Improving The Lives of Teenagers From Bossier City, LA

Equine Therapy Programs for Troubled Girls Bossier City Louisiana LA 

For hundreds of years, there have been long-held beliefs that equine-assisted therapy provides physical and many psychotherapeutic benefits for those who engage in experiential treatment. However, the first studies that focus on the mental health applications of equine-assisted therapy (including therapy involving teens from Bossier City, LA) have finally been conducted. While research into the treatment is still in its infancy, the research has thus far yielded remarkable results. 

One psychiatric paper published, Cantin A. & Marshall-Lucette S., (2011) "Examining the Literature on the Efficacy of Equine Assisted Treatment for People with Psychological and Behavioural Disorders," for example, revealed promising results in the use of EAT in increasing positive and reducing self-destructive behaviors as well as in proving beneficial for those suffering from general mental health problems.

The most recent study, the Hartpury University's postgraduate research project, was a published clinical study involving over 100 teenagers and young adults and 96 therapists that used a mixed-method method centered around a quantitative questionnaire to assess equine therapy and its effect on behavioral and mental health. 

According to their findings, participants' self-assessed wellbeing scores increased by nearly 70 percent compared to scores beforehand. 

According to one researcher, "Partakers felt they had increased in the five areas assessed: self-confidence, composure, information, flexibility, and positivity."

Seven out of ten of those who felt they had undergone a positive impact from the therapy described increased self-confidence and repaired relationships due to the equine-assisted therapy programs. 

Another example of clinical analysis is a 2017 study titled "Effects of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Youth," which concluded that equine-assisted therapy was just as efficient in treating post-traumatic stress in teens from Bossier City, LA as psychiatric counseling.

This research, in particular, shows the potential of equine treatment. Consider it this way, simply on its own, equine therapy generated similarly confident results as traditional psychotherapy. By reasoning this statement, one can quickly elucidate how effective the treatment could be when used with standard and even intensive residential practices. 

The outcome of many psychiatric specialists looking into the mental health applications of equine therapy is more than positive. 

While various acknowledge that the analysis into the treatment is still in its early stages, they also argue that those using equine-assisted therapy are simply anticipating that additional concrete research to catch up on what many have already identified for centuries and what cutting-edge studies have thus far proven: Equine therapy is a stalwart treatment remedy that treats most mental and behavioral conditions -- the most critical and far-reaching mental illnesses currently troubling teenage girls from Bossier City, LA today.  

Equine-Assisted Interventions' Therapeutic Impact on Teenage Girls from Bossier City, LA 

While Equine-Assisted Therapy is equitably effective in healing any demographic, it is particularly efficient for adolescents. Specifically, animal-assisted intervention therapies are clinically proven to promote teens' emotional, cognitive, and social states of wellbeing.

A joint study from 2004 titled, 'Can Animals Support and Assist Humans in Healing? Animal-Assisted Treatments in At-Risk Teenage Mental Health' proposes that AAT, namely, horses is effective in developing the following (in teenage girls from Bossier City, LA): 

  • General anxiety disorders
  • Correspondence between patient and therapist
  • Agreement and recognition in therapy
  • Resolute social behaviors

The corresponding study found prefatory evidence that animal-assisted therapy (horses in particular) for teens" (including teens from Bossier City, LA) catalyze learning, comfort sources, and outlets for nurturance."

Similar studies have shown that animal-assisted therapy can also help treat teens who have struggled with socializing. 

It is typical for mental health-related circumstances, such as depression or stress, to negatively influence the part of a teen's brain that enables them to interact with others productively. But, interestingly, this part of the brain is unaffected when it comes to interacting with animals.

Consequently, when clinically anti-social teens are introduced to an animal during therapy sessions, they are more easily able to access that otherwise shut-off part of their brain - allowing them to undergo traditional therapy with a psychiatric professional successfully. 

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