What are Group Homes for Troubled Girls from Eugene, OR? 

Group Homes for Troubled Girls Eugene Oregon OR

Group homes are unique, relatively small residential treatment programs designed to simulate a home-like experience to troubled teens (including girls from Eugene, OR.  The simulated home experience of group homes is to help troubled teens better adapt to their life back home. Consequently, group homes for troubled girls from Eugene, OR are often used in conjunction with other residential treatment centers as a final preparatory step for teens to complete before they return home. 

To simulate a home-like experience, group homes for troubled teens are relatively small in scale. Whereas traditional RTC’s and therapeutic boarding schools are often large campuses that house up to hundreds of students, group homes generally only accommodate up to 1-10 teens at any given time. 

Group homes for trouble girls from Eugene, OR, like any reputable RTC, employ psychiatric and behavioral professionals. Depending on the facility, group homes sometimes also employ teachers, chefs, and substance abuse counselors. 

Group homes for teenagers provide possibilities for struggling girls from Eugene, OR to get their lives going forward in the right direction. There are various reasons why a struggling adolescent may require the services of a group home. Generally, these house-simulated RTC’s treat behaviors and mental health-related issues typical of troubled teenage behaviors.  

Group Homes for Troubled Youth Teach Living Skills

Most group homes offer living skill development services, fundamental living skills (the necessary skills to live an independent and successful lifestyle.) 

By the time a teenage girl from Eugene, OR graduates from a group home, they will be proficient in living responsibly and appropriately in a familial household. What’s more, if the teen is older, they may be given additional life skills training. Hence, they can live a fully functioning, autonomous lifestyle without the assistance or dependence of others. 

To achieve this, a group home for troubled youth needs to give teens from Eugene, OR training in building independent living skills such as vocational training, technical skills, financial skills, and even college preparatory classes. 

Common issues among group homes include:

  • Lack of health insurance coverage - while non-behavioral modifying group homes (such as those that treat those who have mental or physical deficits) commonly accept insurance provided coverage, most group homes that treat troubled youth do not.
  • Exclusivity - Due to their inherently small size, group homes are more exclusive than other types of treatment programs, and therefore, are expensive.
  • A long wait for treatment - Due to their small size, most group homes have a lengthy waiting list.
  • Most home-setting programs do not treat behavioral issues in teens - The vast majority of group homes are not designed to treat teens' behavioral, psychological, or emotional problems. Instead, most of these facilities cater to mentally or physically disabled people who cannot otherwise live on their own.

What Kind of Therapies do Group Homes For Girls in Eugene, OR Provide?

As with any reputable residential program for troubled girls, top-tier group homes in Eugene, OR provide struggling young women with personalized psychiatric and behavioral therapy programs specifically designed for them, individually.

Affordable Clinical Help for Girls in Crisis

Fortunately for parents who, after researching group homes, if you feel as though it is not the most optimal treatment for their child, consider contacting us at Clearview. Clearview Girls Academy is a reputable proven alternative with over two decades and thousands of rehabilitated girls to further add legitimacy to their stellar record.

“But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them
a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” - John 4:14

Mental Health Resources for Troubled Youth from Eugene, OR

Families from Eugene, OR, searching for support for their at-risk child, trust the direction that Clearview Girls Academy provides for teens who may be undergoing obstacles related to video game addiction (gaming), blended family (relationship), or low self-esteem. Here at Clearview, our licensed counselors have a deep and wise understanding of the issues that at-risk adolescent girls from Eugene, OR are battling every day. With dedication and expertise, our team delivers direction to our troubled teen students, so they may recognize and deal with their alcohol dependence or drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) in a way that is both healthy and productive. We specialize in a variety of relevant residential treatment strategies (equine, life training, behavioral therapy), that is based on a solid trifecta of trust and respect. Through this approach, we inspire an internally motivated rehabilitation that lasts a lifetime.

Our counselors are faithful to not only offering support to our teen students in need, but also the whole family; with the care and commitment required for full rehabilitation. It is our desire to assist, guide, and coach parents from Eugene, OR, with a troubled child, through a very difficult time. Clearview is here to serve! There is hope... and you are not alone. The vision of Clearview is to bring forth peace while healing emotional health for at-risk teens from Eugene, OR.

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