What Types of Treatment Programs for Troubled Girls From Bossier City, LA Utilize Trauma-Informed Therapies? 

Trauma Informed Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls Bossier City Louisiana LA

Trauma-informed therapy programs in Bossier City, LA are designed to provide a secure environment in which troubled girls (including those from the Bossier City, LA area) can establish a sense that the world isn’t a perpetually terrifying and unsafe place... 

...In this nurturing environment, traumatized girls from Bossier City, LA can effectively work through their deep-seated, underlying issues, giving them their sense of control over their own life in the process.

Subsequently, highly trained psychiatrists and psychotherapists from Bossier City, LA specializing in trauma-focused therapy can help girls develop coping strategies and skills that will help them not only face their past traumas but effectively defeat them as their emotional triggers arise.  

The Four Most Common Types of Trauma-Informed Treatments for Girls From Bossier City, LA

Many types of trauma-informed treatment programs (close and far away to the Bossier City, LA area) provide expert care and rehabilitation to troubled and addicted teenage girls with PTSD. These programs, while different, generally offer the following four most prevalent PTSD and addiction treatments:  

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Bossier City, LA

Dual diagnosis therapy provides teenage girls from Bossier City, LA an opportunity to recover from any mental health-related needs -- including severe trauma-related issues. This type of psychotherapy is designed to treat troubled girls who struggle with co-occurring mental illness and addiction-related matters. Like other forms of trauma-based therapies, dual diagnosis treatment is thoroughly conducted by licensed psychiatric and psychotherapeutic staff who are experts in treating both drug & alcohol issues and severe psychiatric ailments.  

EMDR Therapy Regimen near Bossier City, LA

An EMDR therapy Regimen is one in which psychiatric staff treats traumatized girls with experiential techniques designed to treat both hemispheres of their brain. The treatment itself, from which the regimen draws its title, includes having a patient conjure up harmful feelings or memories. At the same time, an EMDR-specialized therapist provides extra stimuli (such as touching their finger, tapping their knee, or providing auditory cues), which helps them hold attention and learn to overcome said harmful feelings. 

According to the SAMHSA in Bossier City, LA, providing additional stimuli such as “rapid eye movements and accompanying processing can help de-condition trauma responses pairing well with PTSD and trauma therapies.”

Nutritional Therapy Program

When it comes to trauma-induced addiction, teens develop unhealthy and extreme eating habits - extreme appetite suppression and overeating, depending on the drug and temperament of the child in question. A nutritional therapy program helps said teens regain a healthy dietary balance. While often overlooked, nutritional therapy is paramount in assisting teens to overcome addictions and mitigate their emotional and mental health-related problems.

Motivational Interviewing Counseling in Bossier City, LA

Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach designed to help people from Bossier City, LA find the motivation to change positive behavior. This client-centered approach is optimal for traumatized teens from Bossier City, LA who aren't convinced they need to change their problematic behaviors. 

"It's possible to experience to have conflicting desires, such as wanting to change your behavior, but also thinking that you're not ready to change your behavior. The motivational interviewing approach holds that resolving this ambivalence can increase a person's motivation to change." the behavioral experts at Verywell Mind

Initially developed by William Miller and Stephen Rollnick to treat alcohol addiction, motivational interviewing is unique in that it empowers traumatized and addicted teens from the city of Bossier City, LA to accept they need change and that achieving said change is their responsibility and desire get better. 

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Direction for Parents of Struggling Teenage Girls from Bossier City, LA

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