What Is Wilderness Therapy for Troubled Girls from Klamath Falls, OR?

Wilderness therapy is a form of adventure-based, outdoor-residential therapy used to address underlying mental, emotional, and even spiritual issues that cause self-destructive living habits in troubled girls (including those from Klamath Falls, OR).

What sets wilderness programs apart from other types of residential treatment is that the entire healing process takes place outdoors in a natural, wild environment - typically, many miles removed from civilization; even hundreds of miles removed from Klamath Falls, OR.

Wilderness Therapy for Troubled Teen Girls Klamath Falls Oregon OR

Does Wilderness Therapy Work? 

Wilderness therapy is defined as a treatment that uses outdoor expeditions as a means of addressing and psychiatrically treating behavioral and mental health issues. Established in the mid-20th century, wilderness therapy has quickly become one of the most popular and most successful forms of troubled teen treatment in America. 

Wilderness therapy has become one of the most popularly used troubled teen treatment methods in America today. As for its ever-rising popularity, experts say it's because of wilderness therapy’s unique approach to treating the behavioral and mental health issues in troubled teens, which are unquestionably successful in rehabilitating the nation’s troubled teenage boys and girls. 

The methodology behind the nation’s most successful wilderness therapy programs is simple: to provide a secure, non-critical, and supportive environment in which troubled teens can achieve ‘self-discovery.’ While engaged, teens in wilderness therapy are able to examine the maladaptive behaviors which led them to their current state, and furthermore, fully realize why they acted on such behaviors in the first place. 

The remote and naturally healing environment of the wilderness then allows teens to reconcile with the reasons why they were sent there, and most importantly, it allows them to work through the underlying issues which caused their ‘out of control behaviors in the first place. This epiphany of self-discovery is the key to most of the most skilled and expert wilderness therapy program’s overwhelming success rate of rehabilitation. 

Further research into why wilderness therapy is successful shows us that its functionality, both that of natural and psychiatrically added, are responsible. You see, challenges that teens face during their time at wilderness therapy are designed to mirror the challenges of the outside world. The only difference between facing challenges simulated in the wilderness is that they are faced in an environment that is void of any negative distractions.   

Wilderness Therapy is Clinically Proven to be Effective in Treating Serious Mental Health Issues

There is no more significant threat to our nation's youth (including teenage girls from Klamath Falls, OR) than mental health-related issues in today's America. Recent polls show that one out of five teens lives with depression, anxiety, or a mixture of the two.

What makes these epidemic-like numbers even more concerning is that suicide is currently the third-leading cause of death among teenagers.

Luckily for parents of depressed teenage girls from the Klamath Falls, OR area, wilderness therapy is a research-supported treatment provenly effective in treating depression, anxiety, and stress - more so than more traditional, indoor-based facilities.

As for why outdoor-based treatment programs are better suited to treat mental health-related issues than indoor programs, research says it is a combination of several factors. For example, hiking (an obviously significant part of outdoor-based therapy) is clinically proven to reduce negative thinking patterns and harmful brain activity, known as rumination.

Studies have also shown that when immersed in nature, a teenage girl's brains improve her neuroplasticity, causing them to become increasingly open to receiving therapy.

Navigating the challenging environment of the wilderness also helps form bonds between teens and clinical staff. This organic relational development builds long-lasting trust between teen and their therapist. Developing and building upon the trust between camper and caregiver is a crucial factor when it comes to a mentally ill teenage girl's willingness, ability, and overall likelihood of effectively treating their underlying mental health-related issues.

Clearview Girls Academy - a Christian RTC for Troubled Girls From Klamath Falls, OR

Clearview Girls Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls from the Klamath Falls, OR. Located in Heron, Montana, our Christ-centered program offers empirically proven treatment and spiritual guidance to adolescent girls from Klamath Falls, OR living with mental health and behavior-related problems such as:

  • self-harm
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • PTSD
  • defiance towards authority
  • antisocial behaviors
  • adoption-related such problems as Reactive Attachment Disorder

At Clearview Girls Academy, we believe that Jesus is the only answer. We encourage but never force any girl or family to comply with the Bible's teaching. With no apology, we encourage our students to engage the Word of God in their journey and growth process.

Unlike most therapeutic boarding schools, our program accepts insurance providers. Find out if your insurance provider can cover part of our fees,(888) 796-5484.

Klamath Falls, OR Area Resources for Parents of Troubled Teens

Clearview Girls Academy is the trusted choice for parents from Klamath Falls, OR who may be looking for the optimal therapeutic boarding school to provide help for their at-risk child who may be struggling with body image, opiate abuse/addiction, or oppositional defiant disorder related problems. Here at Clearview, parents and families from Klamath Falls, OR can expect only the best results from our compassionate and expert practitioners. Our research-validated approach to a variety of relevant residential treatment strategies (equine, life training, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy has proven to deliver tremendous success!

Our practitioners are devoted to not only giving guidance to our clients in need, but also the whole family; with the care and commitment required for full change. It is our desire to assist, guide, and coach parents from Klamath Falls, OR, with a troubled child, through a very difficult time. Clearview is here to serve! There is hope... and you are not alone. The vision of Clearview is to bring forth peace while rehabilitating emotional health for at-risk teen girls from Klamath Falls, OR.

Clearview has served numerous at-risk clients from Klamath Falls, OR, and we can provide help for your child too. Don’t hesitate to contact Clearview’s intake counselors for more information regarding enrollment, tuition, and insurance options. For testimonials from current and past Clearview families, connect with our intake counselor at (888) 796-5484 today!

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