Anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear. A person with anxiety disorders have a persistent fear that can control their life. – schools for troubled teens and troubled teen schools.

Anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear. A person with anxiety disorders have a persistent fear that can control their life. – therapeutic boarding schools and teen boarding schools.

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Treating Anxiety Disorders in Teenage Girls

anxiety disordersWe can treat your daughter with Anxiety Disorders.  Sometimes referred to as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, this is a persistent condition marked by a severe and incapacitating level of fear.  Such anxiety can be characterized by specific phobias, triggered by certain things or situations, or panic attacks, and may include social anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  It can be purely emotional and mental, or possibly include tangible symptoms, too (i.e.: excessive sweating, difficulty sleeping, rapid pulse, etc).  Full-blown attacks can feel paralyzing to those who are suffering.

A diagnosis typically requires that the anxiety last a minimum of six months.

Clearview Horizon – The Ideal Setting to Help Your Daughter Conquer Anxiety Disorder

Early diagnosis and treatment for Anxiety Disorder is extremely important, so that the anxiety does not continue escalating to the point of clinical depression, maybe even leading to self-medicating with drugs, alcohol or other destructive behaviors.
Your daughter’s treatment might include one or a combination of therapies.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the more effective means of treatment for high-level anxiety.  That therapeutic approach is focused on recognizing thought patterns that can lead to anxiety, and then preventing harmful behaviors by training for new responses to those trigger events.  

While some girls might benefit from medication to help in dealing with anxiety, the side effects are too much for others to handle.

As a parent, you may find it difficult to grasp the underlying causes that trigger such responses but with early diagnosis and professional help, Anxiety Disorder is generally treated with fairly high rates of success.   Because, we know that the last thing you want is for Anorexia Nervosa to control your daughter’s life!

About Clearview Horizon

Clearview Horizon specializes in dealing with girls aged 13-21 who are showing inappropriate behaviors, falling grades or negative influences that may threaten their future.  With our interdisciplinary counseling team (of 3 psychotherapists, psychiatric specialist, licensed teachers, as well as mentors and residential staff) we help young women solve difficult emotional issues and start on a new and more productive path in life.

Your daughter will receive an individual treatment plan aligned with her unique emotional, psychological, educational and spiritual needs. Along with daily chores and schooling (or vocational training), our program is very personable and relational, but highly structured, emphasizing a nutritionally balanced diet, physical activities and outdoor events, all designed to teach a healthy lifestyle.

Our therapeutic boarding school is housed in a secure mountainside lodge in near Sandpoint, Idaho, where our techniques (including individual, group and family therapy) are chosen for girls who need to make better choices as well as develop strong interpersonal and academic skills.  Our program is created to help your daughter find the strength to overcome Anxiety Disorder, enabling her to live the rest of her life as a successful and healthy woman.


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