Clearview Girls Academy, a Christian troubled girls home, helps troubled girls who struggle with Histrionic Personality Disorder. – therapeutic boarding schools and troubled teen schools.

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Does Your Daughter Suffer From Histrionic Personality Disorder? Clearview Girls Academy Can Help

histrionic personality disorderClearview Girls Academy can treat your daughter if she’s suffering with Histrionic Personality Disorder, which is characterized by her excessive attention-seeking behavior and extreme emotionality.  This disorder can find her displaying risky and inappropriate behavior; constantly seeking reassurance, with heightened sensitivity to criticism, a lack of ability to delay gratification, be easily discouraged or with rapidly changing emotional states (expressing all feelings with the same intensity of emotion). In general, she may seem uninterested in usual routine, and come across as “fake” in her relationships.

Does she seem unable to handle it when she’s not the center of attention, or is she sometimes very lively and dramatic, showing larger-than-life expressions of emotion?  Have you seen her interactions marked by inappropriate sexually seductive or suggestive behavior, maybe even believing relationships to be more intimate than they truly are?

You may find your daughter being calculating, taking steps to remain the focus of attention, even within the family.  She may have difficulty focusing on completing assignments and projects, and find school boring.  Romantic relationships may be hastily begun and then discarded for the exhilaration of new ones.  She is also at greater risk of depression and co-morbid disorders (meaning, two or more simultaneous illnesses).

therapeutic boarding schools for girls in CaliforniaClearview Girls Academy – The Ideal Setting to Help Your Daughter with Histrionic Personality Disorder

There is no specific test for diagnosing Histrionics, and no specifically identified origin (though the disorder may be linked to stress or childhood ordeal).  Your daughter’s behavior will be used to form the basis of evaluation.

Psychotherapy (specifically cognitive behavior therapy) is most frequently used for Histrionic Personality Disorder; it commonly focuses on development of suitable boundaries, and self-development to counteract the behaviors that often result in risky conduct.  Group therapy is sometimes used, but it’s dangerous in that it provides an audience and a stage on which your girl can seek attention and support for her behavior patterns.  Family therapy may have the same downside, but may be functional by allowing the entire family to more suitably respond to her histrionic behaviors and symptoms so as to not encourage further bad conduct.

Approaches will likely not focus on a long-term personality change but, instead, short-term mitigation of difficulties within her life. Few people have the time or cost required to fully “cure” this disorder, and this should be understood to dismiss any thoughts of a “magical” cure.

Helping Girls with Histrionic Personality Disorder

California schools for troubled teen girlsClearview Girls Academy specializes in treating girls ages 13-17 who exhibit inappropriate behaviors like Histrionic Personality Disorder.  With our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, psychiatric specialists, licensed teachers and mentors, we’ll help your daughter solve the very difficult issues she faces, and start on a new and more productive path in her life.

We will create an individualized treatment plan specifically for her unique medical, emotional, and psychological needs. The Clearview school for troubled teen girls program is very personable and relational, but highly structured, emphasizing a nutritionally balanced diet, physical activities and outdoor events, and forged to educate your daughter in a healthy lifestyle.

Clearview is a therapeutic boarding school is a secure setting in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. We have an expert clinical team and a program designed to help work through various behavioral disorders. Our boarding school for girls was created to help your daughter find the strength to overcome her unique issues, including Histrionic Personality Disorder.

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Clearview Girls Academy, a Christian troubled girls home, helps troubled girls who struggle with Histrionic Personality Disorder.