The great spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, once said “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” This principle is something we wholly believe in as well. Here at Clearview Girls Academy, our primary purpose is to help young women suffering from mental health issues. Period. Ultimately, if that means we aren’t the right fit for you and your daughter, we will gladly try to find you the help you need. Sometimes that can mean helping you find a publicly-funded group home.

Just as there is no single category of mental health, there is no single method of treatment. Just as there is no one method of treatment, there is no one correct treatment facility. There is a myriad of options that can best serve you and your daughter. The key is to find the right option that fits your specific needs.

Finding the Right Fit

These various needs you might consider as you seek a treatment facility include the details regarding your daughter’s current mental health status. Your needs may include certain family dynamics that need to be accommodated. These needs may also involve your financial situation. 

We want to remind you of your autonomy as the individual seeking treatment. While we believe we are one of the best centers in the world to help young women with their issues, we know you need to decide whether you see it that way. The arrangement goes both ways. Let us just both remember that our dual aim is to get your child on the path to a healthy and lifelong recovery.

What Kind of Treatment Center Is Clearview Girls Academy?

Clearview Girls Academy is classified as an independent treatment center. That means that we are not publically funded by the government. Unfortunately, that also means we cannot accept Medicaid or other forms of government-supported payments (though we do have external loan options). 

While we understand that this may be difficult to hear, we want to let you know upfront so we can get you and your family headed toward the type of treatment center that best serves your needs. As previously mentioned, our primary purpose is not financial gain; it is helping those suffering get well.

We also take a limited number of students at one time. This generally means around 30 students at any one time. We assess all of our applicants on a very specific individual basis. If we feel that your child is best suited to or can get more focused care somewhere else, then we will help her get there. Your child’s best interest is in our hearts, not our bank account. 

What Is a Publicly-Funded Group Home?

So then what exactly is a publically-funded group home? A publically funded group home is subsidized by the U.S. government. This means that this type of facility can take Medicaid and other forms of government-supported assistance.  

These homes, if well researched and vetted, can be a great option for those who must take more consideration regarding treatment and their financial means. Let us state very clearly, we are not here to diminish the benefits or efficacy of publically funded group homes. These can be life-saving options for the right candidates. We just don’t happen to fall under this category.

How Do We Differ From a Publicly Funded Group Home?

Aside from the financial differences, Clearview Girls Academy also has some other offerings that may not be found in publicly funded group homes. This is because we are independently funded, and thus have more malleability in what we can offer.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we take an individualized, three-pronged approach to all of our students. These prongs are academic achievement, behavioral wellness, and spiritual growth. Because we are not beholden to government funds, we feel that we can go beyond what a publically funded group home may be able to offer in these categories.

The Academic Advantage

As for our academic approach, we are a fully accredited middle school and high school. We are recognized by both the state and federal boards of education. So your daughter will be able to stay in line with her classmates while she is away. 

State-Of-The-Art Treatments 

As for our behavioral approach, we can offer several treatments and therapies that may not be covered by government funding. We also are blessed to be able to offer a state-of-the-art center, smack dab in the middle of beautiful majestic Montana.

A Focus on Spiritual Growth

As for our spiritual approach, we believe in the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Do we try and convert our students to Christianity? No, we don’t. We merely use our own beliefs to try and instill some form of spiritual presence in your daughter’s life. Because of our independent status, we can teach our beliefs freely, without potential government intervention.

Is Clearview Girls Academy the Right Fit for My Daughter?

So, is Clearview Girls Academy the right fit for your daughter? Please look over the factors that we mentioned and make a responsible decision for your family.

Just please remember that whatever you decide, we pray for your family and your daughter’s recovery. We feel we have one of the best facilities in the country. Please connect with us to see if you agree.

No two treatment facilities are alike. That is because no one’s mental health struggle is alike. However, some facilities do not take the same individualized approach that we do. We are an independently funded treatment facility, and because of that, we have many offerings that are not available at other treatment centers. We are not a publicly funded group home, but that does not mean that that is not the right option for your daughter. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right place for your child’s well-being. All that matters to us is that you get the help you need. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clearview Girls Academy at (888) 796-5484 for more information.