Do you remember the one wish Dorothy requests in The Wizard of Oz? She wants to go home. Then she taps her heels three times and repeats, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” At Clearview Girls Academy, we feel a lot like Dorothy in that our main wish is to get your daughter on “the yellow brick road” to recovery and back home to you.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we do not rate our success by how many students leave our facility. We rate our success by how many students leave our facility and live happy and healthy lives of recovery.

Look, we love our students like our own children, so don’t take it the wrong way when we say that we’d prefer to not see them again – at least, we don’t want to see them as students again. Our greatest joy is seeing our students leave us and go on to lead the type of happy, joyous, and free lives that we know they deserve.

The Dangers of “Rinse and Repeat” Recovery

Sadly, some of the mental health industry has become a quagmire of misinformation and predatory practices. Many facilities have been shown to care more about their bottom line than their client’s well-being. At Clearview Girls Academy, the opposite is true.

Many recovery centers claim to focus on their clients, but upon further inspection, they don’t have the professional care, the accredited programs, or the record of recovery that would prove that. Clearview Girls Academy checks all of those boxes, and we do so well.

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has recently weighed in on this issue. They found that “Substance use has not only accelerated a public health crisis but also generated an increase in healthcare fraud. In 2020, the Department of Justice (DOJ) brought charges against criminal defendants for opioid-related submissions of USD 6 billion in false and fraudulent claims to Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and private insurance companies for treatment, including USD 845 million for treatment and more than USD 30 million for illegal opioid distribution.” Mental health fraud is big business.

Predatory Practices in Mental Health

Sadly, with the way some insurance incentives work, many treatment facilities are financially rewarded to take clients that they are not equipped to help. They are rewarded by keeping clients longer than necessary. These facilities are even financially incentivized to keep clients in a constant cycle of “rinse and repeat” recovery. That means that the more times a client returns for more care, the more money they stand to make.

We are not going to point any fingers here. That is not what this is about. While there are many bad actors in the mental health field right now, there are even more genuine facilities that want to get their clients well. Clearview Girls Academy is among them. 

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health also explains how “In many cases, patients are referred to facilities regardless of whether it is the best fit for their needs. Treatment providers also conduct other types of predatory practices, such as manipulating online search results of treatment provided and their effectiveness, charging excessive fees, and charging for unnecessary services.” With Clearview Girls Academy that is not the case, and we’ll prove it to you. 

Our primary purpose is to get your daughter the best care she can get. That means that even if we feel that we are not the right facility for your daughter, we want to help you navigate the options out there to find the place that is. 

Getting Your Daughter Home and Healthy Is Our Goal

Many mental health disorders have a very high rate of relapse. Substance use disorders (SUDs), for example, have been shown to have a relapse rate of as high as 75% in the first year of recovery. That is why it is so important not just to treat the illness, but to treat the root of where that illness is coming from.

There is no “quick fix” in recovery. Mental health is a very serious and complex matter, and we insist on treating it as such. Does that mean we are rigid and joyless? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s the opposite.

We aim to show our students that there is a life available to them beyond their wildest dreams once leave our doors. Yes, we want our students to feel at home here, but we want to remind them that their real home is out there in the real world. We give them the real-life tools and resources they will need to succeed and to stay successful once they leave. At Clearview Girls Academy, we are just the wellness pitstop on their journey to the Emerald City of recovery.

True, there’s no place like home. We aim to give your daughter a home away from home. At the same time, we want to give her everything she needs to return to her real home for good.

Many recovery centers prioritize immediate results over long-term recovery. That is not the case here at Clearview Girls Academy. We have the therapies and treatments that can help your daughter not only to go home, but more importantly, to have the tools and skills she will need to stay home. We believe that there are no quick fixes in recovery. When immediacy is prioritized over long-term recovery, it often leads to regression and relapse. That is why we feel that a thorough individualized approach to your daughter’s recovery is best. Yes, our goal is to get your daughter home, but we want to get your daughter happy and healthy first. For more information, please contact Clearview Girls Recovery at (888) 796-5484.