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Schools for Troubled Girls in Kentucky

You may question if there are schools for troubled girls in Kentucky based on your search. Yes, there are! Please consider Clearview Girls Academy, which offers therapy for troubled girls in Kentucky, even though we are in the Pacific Northwest.

schools for troubled girls

The residential treatment center provides around-the-clock care and therapy for emotional issues and disorders that afflict many adolescent girls today. Many girls ages 12-17 come to us who have had trauma in their lives, such as abandonment, bullying, abuse, a death in the family, or family discord.

Clearview is a leading counseling center and residential school in the Pacific Northwest that works with troubled girls from around the nation, including from Kentucky. We work with at-risk girls who are struggling with emotional distress, have an eating disorder or attachment disorder, or are practicing cutting or self-harm.

We are a specialized residential program and academy that is designed to rehabilitate the mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties of at-risk teenage girls. Our licensed, live-in treatment center and academy for troubled girls provides hope for the parents of adolescents with mental health or behavioral issues in Kentucky.

Schools for Troubled Girls schools for troubled girlsOur licensed counselors help at-risk girls from Kentucky who are losing their way in life. We work with sixty-five girls in a gorgeous mountainside hunting lodge. CARF and THE JOINT COMMISSION therapeutically accredit us. We work with many insurance companies. Our team includes a psychiatric specialist, a primary care physician, a dentist, licensed psychotherapists, teachers, mentors, and residential care staff.

Our staff has a deep and wise recognition of the issues that troubled teens from Kentucky live with daily. With dedication and expertise, our staff provides help to the students in our care. They soon begin to recognize and deal with what brought about their difficulties in the first place and use tactics to deal with those issues in healthy and productive ways.

We specialize in relevant therapeutic strategies like equine therapy, life training, and cognitive and behavioral therapy. Some of our special therapies include trust-based relational intervention, dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, reality therapy, neurofeedback, and Craniosacral therapy. We build on a solid trifecta of care, trust, and respect. Through this approach, we inspire an internally motivated recovery that lasts a lifetime.

While licensed counselors and troubled teen specialists staff the residential treatment center, we also provide an ongoing education accredited by COGNIA. We help girls get caught up on the classes started in their school in Kentucky, and those credits are transferrable back to the school, or they can graduate while here.

schools for troubled girlsOur fully accredited residential academy for teenage girls from Kentucky is important because most at-risk girls are also struggling academically due to ongoing emotional and behavioral issues. We use technology and computer-based curriculum taught by licensed teachers and an entire professional academic support staff. We specialize in GPA repair options, credit recovery, and some advanced courses for college prep. We meet the unique academic needs of our students while supporting their emotional growth at the same time.

Our educators work closely with our therapists to ensure each student receives educational instruction while working on overcoming their emotional issues. Girls also attend life skills courses throughout their program to prepare them to go home and thrive!

Clearview provides troubled teenage girls therapy in the form of individual, group, and family sessions, plus equine therapy, art therapy (music and writing), trauma and PTSD recovery, physical fitness, outdoor adventure therapy, and much more.

Art therapy is a highly effective therapeutic tool that provides girls with another way to release their behaviors. Animal therapy is a part of our combined therapy approach, especially for those with attachment disorders. Through ongoing interactions with our trained staff, troubled girls from Kentucky will receive constant monitoring of their thinking and actions.

schools for troubled girlsEquine-assisted psychotherapy is an experiential tool that involves our students interacting with horses, which sense the girl’s emotions and become a unique source of feedback. Equine-assisted therapy allows therapists a way to identify and address a range of emotional and behavioral issues. It is a proven treatment that boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and trust.

Additionally, with Equine therapy, the girls develop communication and problem-solving skills. Our experienced Equine-Assisted therapy staff direct these activities and maintain safety.

Why is Family Involvement Essential for Your Troubled Teenager’s Therapy, Even Though We Are Located a Distance from Kentucky?

Therapy here also includes the families of the troubled girls. When a teenager’s life spirals out of control, it also affects her entire family and greatly strains her parents. Helpful services like family workshops, group therapy sessions, and parenting seminars are just a few events parents should expect from any top-tier therapeutic program. At Clearview, we understand that and highly encourage family support and participation in their child’s therapeutic progress and success.

Family involvement is important to every girl’s rehabilitation here at Clearview. Without it, our students are significantly less likely to attain long-lasting improvements once they return home.

Several times during your daughter’s time here, Clearview Girls Academy leads a weekend seminar for parents. It starts with two days focused on supporting the parents by providing tools for self-awareness, relationship building, and communication. On the last day, their daughters come to the workshop so that each family can utilize the skills presented.

schools for troubled girlsSo, when looking for school services for troubled girls in Kentucky, parents should ask about the prospective treatment center’s family training, workshops, and family counseling. Does the program staff in question understand the important role of a teen’s family in their child’s overall therapy and rehabilitation? Of course, if any other schools for troubled girls in Kentucky put less emphasis on familial involvement, it may not be the best option for you to consider.

Helping Girls from Kentucky Find a Better Path in Life

Over the past 25 years, we have provided thousands of troubled teenage girls with our well-balanced, Christ-centered, and psychiatrically conscientious treatment program. It has proven incredibly effective in solving the underlying issues of their troubling behaviors.

Clearview is a godly program. With no apology, we encourage our students to seek a relationship with God in their personal journey and growth. We believe God can help answer and solve life’s troubles. So, we welcome dependence on faith but never force any girl or family to believe what we believe.

schools for troubled girlsEven when we don’t have all the answers—or, for that matter, even when we don’t seem to have any of the answers—God does. Only He can change hearts and minds. Whatever our circumstances, whether we stand atop the highest mountain or wander through the darkest valley, God is ready to protect us, comfort us, and heal us. Our task, or our challenge, is to let Him.

We are proud to offer inspirational and spiritual counsel to ensure a lasting restoration, which sets our treatment center apart from other therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls in Kentucky.

While Clearview can be found in your search for schools for troubled girls in Kentucky, our campus is in the Pacific Northwest. We work with girls aged 12-17, and we also work with most insurance companies. Our residential treatment center for girls has served at-risk teenagers from all over America, including from Kentucky.

Call us or fill in the inquiry form. Our team is readily available to answer any questions. Clearview’s therapeutic boarding school will be a life-changing and memorable experience for your family and troubled child.

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If you are seeking schools for troubled teenage girls in Kentucky, contact Clearview today. Fill in the inquiry form or call (888) 796-5484 to speak with one of our admissions team. For the best help you can get for your daughter, we aren’t that far away from Kentucky.