My daughter went to Clearview for almost 17 months. During that time, I have learned more than I imagined about emotional growth, about me and my parenting and what I bring to the table than I ever imagined. This decision for my wife and I was very difficult, but sitting on the other side of it, I am full of gratitude for the staff at Clearview. I could tell many stories about staff going the extra mile to make my daughter know she is loved and valued. The staff here put in endless hours of ups and downs, and yet they show up time and again with love over fear in their heart to do it all over again the next day. Sound familiar? Sort of like being a parent. Clearview is not perfect. No school is at any level of care. If you are looking at a private boarding school for your daughter, then the critical components you are looking for are safety, an experienced therapeutic team, and a loving environment. In my experience, Clearview is one of the best at these three things. In a year and a half, my daughter has gone from self destructive behavior and not wanting any relationship with my wife and I, to an understanding of who she is, an appreciation for the change she has gone through, and to hope for her future, and a desire for that future to include us (rather than excluding us). She has grown and gained life experiences that have saved and will serve her life. We got our daughter back.