“Wow, this has been such an exciting, unbelievable time at Clearview. I can always look back on my first rough months here and say, wow I’ve changed A LOT. I was this lost, crazy, out-of-control partier/druggie who needed safety and I actually decided it was time for some help. I had many regrets being here and I have lots of amazing moments with other students and staff. I was extremely manipulative and sneaky with everything I did here at Clearview. I was a compulsive liar and started a lot of drama. I was a big mess and I continued to self-sabotage myself anytime something good would happen to me. I continually got consequences for my poor choices.

I have grown so much this year. I can’t even believe all the crazy stuff I did here like when I stole the phone, ran away eight times, gave another student a razor, refused Sat crew, refused my consequences, refused school, getting in people’s faces, locking myself in the bathroom, piercing my ears, stealing people’s clothes, using other people’s things, and it goes on and on. But now I take a look at myself and I see a completely different person in me. I’m this strong woman looking for another chance at life. I know that I’ve earned a new beginning, I deserve and accept it. My mom and I had a toxic relationship and we both didn’t know how to be in a “real” positive relationship. I always told her things to push her away and had no hope. Now we have an amazing relationship thanks to Clearview.

I want to give thanks for everyone who’s helped me through the rough times and all the troubles. Clearview has taught me a lot and has helped me learn how to say no to things and say no to people. I have grown a lot stronger in myself and learned patience, even though I still have a hard time being patient. I’m working on being patient. I am now in an amazing place with myself and everyone here. I still look back to those days and think why did I do these things to myself and to other people? I appreciate all the staff, as much as they can get under my skin sometimes, and I am happy that they have been there for me through hell and back.”