Clearview was the best choice I could have made for my teenage daughter. She was on a destructive path. Destructive for her and destructive for the rest of us. Clearview provides a caring and structured environment that my daughter needed to connect to. The academic program is individualized and is delivering results as she has done a lot of credit recovery while she has been there and is back on track and slightly ahead of pace (keeping my fingers crossed). I was amazed and impressed by the campus. Small and quiet at the base of a mountain in Montana with trees, deer and river streams all around it. It was ideal for the type of unplugged environment that I wanted to take my daughter to to get her a fresh start. From Philadelphia to Montana, what a change for her and exactly what she needed. I can say without a doubt that the students are provided with excellent care by a Christian staff who truly wants to see our daughter cross over to a life of purpose and clarity. My daughter has been there almost 16 months now and the change has been significant. I truly thank God every night that she is at Clearview and know that it was the best decision I could have ever made to benefit my daughter and my family to place us on the right path. Do you know what the difference was? I was as much about my daughter seeing me doing my own work as it was for her to be doing her own work. Clearview asks a lot of us in this process. A lot in the form of engagement and trust. They are very direct about doing my own work. Doing my own work meant bringing vulnerability to the weekly family therapy call. It means coming to every family workshop they offered (we have been to three so far). It means dropping everything when they invited me to a therapeutic river rafting trip down the Salmon river for my daughter and I to work on us. Clearview holds a very high standard and we are getting the results we never thought possible. My daughter is more open than she has ever been. Open about her drug use and her boundary issues. This a created a way forward. She is on the student leadership team now and we are seeing her build momentum towards her program graduation. We made the right choice with Clearview.