Dear Clearview, As with a lack of expertise in the English Language and deep humility I would like to address the families at Clearview and whoever will be at the next workshop. My heart is poured out before God because of what God is doing at Clearview. We all know how difficult it has been to send our daughters “away” to a boarding school. This is a complexity that we all face. I know one thing for sure, that the last two years of my life have been the most transformational and productive years in my life. I am a seeker of Christ and I want to be transformed by the love of Christ. I truly believe now that healing in every way, shape and form can only come through true humility; (This does not mean a door mat). The staff have shown the upmost love and respect to my daughter and have been used by God to shape her in the last two years to become what she is now. (Yes, and I hate to say it, trust the process, I think God’s process). He truly loves us and he is not done with any of us until our last breath. God bless you all richly with His great love and humility because he died for us. Rejoice and thank God for all the things and do the next right thing. To Him be glory and honor and praise. I do want to thank Alicia and Jo the teacher especially, for their way and gift to look at each person and give the remedy necessary to guide each girl in the right direction. And Last, but not least all the House moms that fill in the gaps in the tapestry of Clearview. I ask for your forgiveness for my lack of humility and trust in God at times, and I Thank God for all of you. May we stay in the race until our last breath.