As a parent, it can feel frustrating to watch your daughter suffer. It is natural to be unsure how to react. Sometimes you may feel that you are not able to help your daughter, but you are afraid that no one can treat your daughter the way you would. This is why it is important to find a facility or treatment program that approaches recovery with the same care you would. You want to ensure she receives the best possible care from a place that honors the power of connection in facilitating healing. At Clearview Girls Academy, we believe in the power of connection before correction. This approach ensures that our students receive personalized and compassionate care that addresses their unique situations fully.

Understanding trauma and how to approach it is something we value in the treatment of our students. We spend extended periods helping each girl become comfortable and able to open up. These connections can allow for greater change and an internal drive to do better in each student. Taking a careful approach to each adolescent and meeting them where they are at is important in our treatment. Knowing the kind of treatments we offer may help you feel comfortable in reaching out and getting your daughter the help she needs.

The Power of Connection vs. Correction

Connection over or before correction is a practice that means establishing a strong connection with a student before “correction” or an effort is made to facilitate changes. The importance of maintaining a sense of trust in a relationship with one’s therapist has been studied and discussed many times before. Girls find it easier to open up once a trusting relationship has been established. When care is approached with trust in mind, people who have experienced trauma can feel safer and begin to heal.

Programs that focus just on the correction of issues may feel overly enforcing or devoid of emotion. It can be hard to take suggestions from someone who has not made the effort to support and know you. This is especially important to teenagers and youth who have experienced trauma. Showing care and developing a deeper relationship with these students allows for open communication and self-motivated change. The resolving of behavioral issues happens more easily. When a girl is more open to change, she can internalize those changes more effectively. This process of internalization helps changes to become permanent.

Our approach to care is different than other facilities due to the amount of time we spend with each girl. While some other treatments may be focused on short-term correction of behavioral issues, we focus on long-term internal changes. Because girls are here for an extended period, we can establish a relationship built on connection and trust with each student. This allows each student to feel that she is not being forced to change but instead is being encouraged to grow with us and make changes herself.

The Benefits of Trauma-Informed Care

This philosophy of connection vs. correction is an aspect of trauma-informed care. A publication created by the Center for Health Care Strategies explains the importance of trauma-informed care. The publication’s authors state that “Trauma-informed approaches to care shift the focus from ‘What’s wrong with you?’ to ‘What happened to you?’.” This form of care recognizes the influence of trauma on behavioral outbursts and experiences. This shift in focus allows for a patient to feel supported and understood in the therapeutic relationship.

Trauma can affect many parts of an individual’s life. Experiencing trauma or complex trauma puts a teen at risk of developing further illnesses and mental health struggles. Behaviors such as self-harm can form because of the effects of trauma on the brain. Therefore, it is important to find a facility that will connect with your daughter and address deeper issues.

Being informed of how trauma impacts the brain and behaviors is an important part of treating the whole person. Working to reverse and correct these actions needs to be done with care and connection. Establishing a trusting relationship to help girls through their traumas and treatment is key to maintaining long-term success.

The Power of Connection at Clearview Girls Academy

Our approach may differ from other facilities or care programs. We believe that treatment should be holistic and all-encompassing. This change should come from a caring and supportive external care team, as well as from within. The goal of our approach is to facilitate lasting and deep changes in your daughter’s health.

We hope that as your daughter grows to trust us and work with us, she will take control of her care. This will empower her to make the changes that are necessary for her recovery. These changes are only achievable by using the power of connection to make the corrections your daughter needs in her life.

The process of treatment can seem overwhelming and difficult, but with connection to her care team, your daughter will make the corrections that can improve her life. As she gains trust in the team that will be alongside her the whole time, she will internalize and work to make these changes within herself. Understanding how trauma impacts the brain and behavior is important in the treatment of adolescents. Working to establish care and trust in the relationship with her will allow her to take an active role in her care. Then she will make the changes she needs. If your daughter is struggling, our connected approach could help. Get in touch with Clearview Girls Academy today at (888) 796-5484.