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Top 10 Behavior Issues

Understanding Behavior Issues in Teen Girls

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Like all teenagers, teenage girls often push boundaries as a natural part of their development, much to the frustration of their parents. Parents can struggle to distinguish between “normal” teen behavior and behavior that should raise concern.

Here are ten common behavior issues that teen girls may exhibit:

  1. Lying: Many teen girls may resort to lying out of fear of facing the consequences of their actions or because they fear upsetting their parents and losing their love. It can also be a way for them to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.
  2. Arguing: Teen girls may become more argumentative as they seek to assert their independence. Underlying this behavior is often a desire to gain parental approval and recognize their viewpoint.
  3. Defiance: It is typical for teen girls to desire autonomy and to make their own decisions, leading to defiance and resistance to parental authority.
  4. An awkward phase: Teen girls, like boys, may go through an awkward phase where they may feel inadequate and believe they do not fit in. This phase is normal and part of their self-discovery process.
  5. Abandoning commitments: While discovering their passions and interests, teen girls may try various activities and clubs but may abandon them. As parents, acting as coaches and offering encouragement can help them learn to follow through with commitments.
  6. Withdrawal: With the onset of puberty, teen girls start forming closer relationships outside of the family, leading to withdrawal from their parents’ influence.
  7. Attitude: Teen girls may develop attitudes that come across as selfish and may express their frustration through temper tantrums, similar to their toddler years. Communication can suffer as a result of this attitude.
  8. Impulsivity: Teen girls, due to their still-developing brains, may display impulsive behavior that can be risky. From engaging in harmless pranks to making unsafe decisions, they may act without considering the consequences.
  9. Academic problems: Poor grades in the teen years don’t necessarily indicate underachievement. Teen girls may face challenges in traditional classroom learning or be distracted by extracurricular activities. Understanding their motivations can help parents set realistic expectations.
  10. Curfew violations: Testing curfew limits is common among teenagers, including teen girls. Setting reasonable curfews can teach them responsibility and punctuality.

Clearview Girls Academy’s Path to Positive Growth

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If you want to learn more about addressing common behavior issues among teen girls and empowering them to overcome these challenges, look no further than Clearview Girls Academy. Reach out to us today, and our experienced team can offer valuable insights and proven strategies to guide your teen girl toward positive growth and development. Together, we can help her build essential life skills and cultivate a bright and successful future. Don’t hesitate to contact us to embark on this transformative journey.


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Top 10 Behavior Issues | Clearview Girls Academy
As you search for therapeutic boarding schools near me, consider Clearview Girls Academy to address teen behavior problems.