When your daughter is struggling and in need of help, it can be difficult as a parent. There are many treatment choices, and at times comparing the different treatment programs and facilities can feel overwhelming. Finding a program you can trust for your daughter is important for securing her immediate and long-term wellness. Understanding our Clearview Girls Academy approach may help in choosing a facility that provides the utmost care for your daughter. Knowing the ins and outs of how your chosen program will assist your daughter will help you feel comfortable in sending her off for healing.

Having a trust-based and caring environment is important when recovering from mental health or poor life choices. If there are behavioral issues that affect multiple areas of your daughter’s life, Clearview Girls Academy can help. Approaching care holistically and from all angles is a specialty of ours. We approach care spiritually, academically, and with intensive therapeutic benefits. As a parent, you only want what’s best for your daughter when she is struggling. Learning about the intricacies of our method and approach will help you make the decision that will benefit your daughter most.

The Clearview Girls Academy Approach

You and your daughter may have already experienced various therapies and treatments to no avail. Many of the girls who come to our program are looking for a modern and immersive approach to finally make a difference in their lives.

Our approach may differ from other facilities and programs. We want to help each student find the internal desire to change within herself. This drive to get better will allow each girl to take hold of her future and make changes internally. The drive is an incredibly important part of our therapeutic work. Each student is taught that they need to become ready to take responsibility for their progress.

As a facility, we have many staff members who desire the same changes through one-on-one care as you do. We find that each girl should stay a minimum of a year in our program. It may take months to help her work through the underlying emotional problems to find the core of the issues. As she works, we instill the ability for your daughter to monitor herself. This skill will help her as she achieves recovery and when she comes home. We approach care from all sides, providing access to education and life skills that will help your daughter reintegrate after treatment.

Maintaining a Connection to Home

Clearview also aims to include parents and home resources in your daughter’s care. We believe in a family-therapy-based approach. Including parents in their daughter’s care allows for recovery to continue and be encouraged at home. Maintaining a connection to her home life and teaching her skills she can use at home is important to us. We also house an accredited private school that can keep your daughter up to date on her studies. This resource allows her to keep up with her schooling from home. We offer holistic care that takes into consideration all aspects of a girl’s life: mental, emotional, spiritual, and academic.

The Clearview Girls Academy Approach to Developing Trust

Maintaining trust with your daughter is something we find to be integral to treatment. When a girl is struggling mentally or behaviorally, getting her to open up can be difficult. This is why we try to maintain a trust-based relationship with each student. Involving both the care team and the student in all decisions through regular check-ins allows for trust to develop between our team and your daughter.

When your daughter learns that she is safe and can trust us, the deep healing and changes that will last can begin. Practicing trust-based relational intervention (TBRI) allows us to address all of your daughter’s needs and work to understand and treat her the best we can.

What Is Trust-Based Relational Intervention?

TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention. This therapy is designed to meet the needs of vulnerable youth with complex needs or trauma. According to the journal Child & Youth Services, “The three TBRI principles are: 

1. Empowerment—attention to physical needs;

2. Connection—attention to attachment needs;

3. Correction—attention to behavioral needs.”

These principles provide a framework for how therapy should be completed. First attending to the physical and immediate needs of the child allows for a base of trust to be established between the care team and the student. Working to understand and meet girls’ needs for a strong and attuned attachment allows for the repair of deep wounds that may have resulted in mistrust.

After safety and connectedness are developed, changes can begin. These changes that are made in our facility can then follow her home. This provides her with the strength to make permanent changes in her life. The goal of treatment should always be to create lasting change and transformation. By addressing the deeper roots of girls’ issues, the Clearview Girls Academy approach promotes the greatest possible chance for long-term success.

Knowing your daughter is in good hands when she is in treatment is important. Choosing the facility and program that best serves your family and your daughter will allow for long-term success. At Clearview Girls Academy, we aim to provide a caring and trust-based approach to each student who walks through our doors. Maintaining a close connection with a care team through academic and extracurricular activities can help your daughter to regain control of her life. Our approach will teach your daughter the skills she needs to take responsibility for her recovery. If your daughter is struggling in life, we can help. Get in touch with us to learn more about our programming at (888) 796-5484.