Joining a program such as Clearview Girls Academy is often the first stage of regaining power over one’s life and finding a way toward personal development and fulfillment. We offer five levels that are central to the Clearview experience. These levels direct girls through a journey of self-reflection, development, and transformation. At higher levels, participants enter into a journey that forces them to deal with their past, decide on their present, and create their future. Our guiding principles are designed to help our students make a lasting transition through these different levels at Clearview Girls Academy.

The Different Levels at Clearview Girls Academy

Learn about the different levels at Clearview Girls Academy to help determine if our program will be beneficial for your daughter. The levels are outlined below.

Level 1: Safety and/or Refusal

Our first level represents a point of decision for those who are wrestling with resistance and ambivalence. The focus of level one is on ensuring that a stable foundation is developed based on principles of security and compliance.

Students who enroll at our school find themselves in a controlled environment, which is meant to support the importance of following mandates and reflecting on personal well-being. The initial stage may be perceived as limiting. Yet, this is a required step for introducing safety as an essential concept and accepting the program guidelines.

By being disciplined in following safety measures and respecting the crew, girls tend to develop a feeling of trust and stability within themselves and the community.

Level 2: Identity

Reaching level two is a crucial point in the path to self-awareness and identity. This is a stage where our students are allowed to face the past and look into their dreams, goals, and values. Stage two opens the way for true self-expression.

During this stage, the attention turns to living in the present moment and distinguishing between good influences and bad distractions. By entering an introspective journey, students decode the enigmas of their identity and decipher who they want to be.

Through identifying their core values and potential for personal development, students start finding their way toward higher self-realization and satisfaction.

Level 3: Identity Authenticity

Next, level three is the phase of reality and self-actualization. This is when students seek to become the true person they are and take ownership of their lives. At this point, students are encouraged to set an example, helping to bring collective health to the community through kindness, compassion, and respect.

This stage is a critical point in the process of self-realization. At this stage, girls develop the courage to live by their values and start to persuade others to do the same. Embracing authenticity and vulnerability, the students create a sense of trust and connection with each other, setting a foundation for meaningful relationships to develop.

Level 4: Leadership Identity

This level signifies an era of fine-tuning the skills that have been learned. During level four, girls strengthen their sense of empowerment. At this point, students often step into leadership positions within the community at Clearview Girls Academy.

During level four, our girls start a journey of self-analysis, trying to match their values to their behavior and to perfect their leadership skills. This stage encourages students to identify features of their personalities that will not serve their best needs. Students also begin to take action on behalf of their values.

The role of a leader is to promote positive change in the community, urging others to live by the common values and embody personal integrity. Level four students create a culture of accountability and teamwork, which in turn motivates others to reach their full potential.

Level 5: Teach and Transition

Lastly, level five is the final stage of the Clearview Girls Academy journey. This is when our students become mentors, guides, and champions of positive change. At this level, students are asked to show that they have mastered their values and leadership principles.

Of course, we do not expect our students to be perfect at this level, as life is a continuing journey of growth and development. Still, we expect them to show that they have made a true effort and achieved some success in reaching their goals.

Throughout this level, students are working to prepare themselves for a successful transition back into their home environment. Level five students create a culture of learning and inspiration by sharing their experiences, wisdom, and knowledge. By sharing their experiences, they provide others with the tools and resources required for success at Clearview Girls Academy.

After Understanding the Different Levels at Clearview

Our program is not only about hitting the ultimate heights but also about embracing the transformational process that occurs when proceeding through the different levels. This is not a “fix-your-kid” program, but a way for girls to find their true selves in a healthy environment.

The different levels at Clearview Girls Academy are designed intentionally. Every level presents specific challenges, opportunities, and lessons. These levels provide students with the opportunity to venture into their hidden truths, face their weaknesses, and come out better, smarter, and more resilient. We strive to help our students reach their full potential and find lasting success through our program.

Start your daughter on a transformational journey of self-realization by enrolling her in Clearview Girls Academy’s therapeutic boarding school. Our five-level system takes girls through a corridor of self-reflection, growth, and transformation. This process fosters personal maturity and ultimately greater happiness. From the safety and compliance focus of level one to the mentoring role of level five, each stage presents unique challenges, opportunities, and lessons. When your daughter accepts this transformational process and dedicates herself to personal growth, she will acquire the skills and flexibility to flourish in all areas of her life. Reach out to Clearview Girls Academy today to learn more about each of our levels at (888) 796-5484.