There is a fine social line between navigating individuality and community. How do we stay uniquely ourselves, while also committing to the agreed-upon social contract of the community? The same struggle often happens within the landscape of group-based recovery versus individualized care.

At Clearview Girls Academy, parents of potential students may be pleased to know that we offer care specific to each of our students. We refer to this simply as “individualized care.” We offer this unique individual plan alongside a commitment to participating as part of a community.

Yes, everyone is considered an individual student, with a unique set of issues to address here at Clearview Girls Academy. At the same time, each girl is also part of a family that learns to grow together. We feel that there is no bifurcation between self-care and a sense of community because one without the other is like a chair with three legs. It cannot stand.

No One’s Mental Health Is the Same

No one comes to Clearview Girls Academy with the same set of circumstances. Even though some of our students have similar diagnoses, social demographics, and spiritual beliefs, they are not to be categorized as tough they are statistics.

Your daughter has a unique story, and we use that uniqueness to create a program of treatment best suited for her. We have found that this individual attention is something our students crave when they arrive at Clearview Girls Academy.

Remember how difficult being a teenager was? Sometimes, we as adults lose sight of that fact because the responsibilities of life can overtake those memories. Being a teenager can be a lonely, awkward, and confusing time. Now, add the unfortunate struggles of or other mental health issues into the mix, and being a teenager can feel downright hopeless.

We like to say that “hopelessness” is not in our vocabulary here at Clearview Girls Academy. When our students (and often their parents) arrive here feeling like they are at the end of their rope, we want to show them exactly why that is not the case. 

Unlike some less personalized treatment facilities, our students are not just names on a file folder. We treat our students as though they are our children too. We feel this is just one of the reasons we are so successful here.

Why Individualized Care Is Crucial

Sometimes teenagers feel as if everyone looks right through them. They can feel like they are wearing their emotions on their sleeves, yet no one is noticing. That may be because they are legitimately being overlooked in the crowded world around them. Also, more than likely, they haven’t learned the important skills of properly communicating their emotions.

Individualized attention is crucial for finding the right structure of individualized care. That is why the intake is so important here at Clearview Girls Academy. We get to know our students right away. We want to let our students know that “being messy” (meaning fully expressing their emotions) is encouraged here.

When our students feel “seen” and have the ability to purge whatever emotions they have bottled up, it gives us the best opportunity to assess their needs. We can then come up with the best individualized plan of treatment for them.

How Clearview Girls Academy Approaches Individualized Care

What exactly do we mean by individualized care? This question may be best answered by describing a specific situation. Let us look at a hypothetical example of individualized care.

Say a student comes to us who is exhibiting signs of anxiety and depression. Their grades may have also taken a significant dip, and they may be acting out at home and experimenting with harmful life choices. Their faith life may be shaken as well. What might be the individualized approach here?

First, we would want to know what is going on at the surface level. Has anything traumatic happened at school or home, for example? Then we may try to get down to some of the root causes of this anxiety and depression. We may want to introduce a program of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to investigate further. This investigative approach will often open up a trusted line of communication.


Simultaneously, we will want to address the life-controlling issues that we are aware of. With a level of trust, we will aim to discover the specifics and severity of the use and come up with a therapeutic plan for recovery. This may include some of our wellness and fitness programs. It may include something like our equine therapy to allow them to connect with something outside of themselves. Depending on the severity of , it may even include something like online 12-Step meetings for continued care.

Exploring Spirituality 

We also include spiritual practice within all of our individualized care programs, because we believe that a connection to God can build the best foundation for a continued recovery. We try to bring a belief in a higher power or God into all our students’ lives. This helps them make a connection that can last them a lifetime.

We must first get to know ourselves before we can get to know others. We must first learn to love ourselves before we can love others. We must first champion ourselves before we can be a champion for those in need. If your daughter is struggling, please don’t wait to seek help. Just ring the bell. We are in her corner. We are here to be her champion.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we believe in a program of “individualized care.” We have several different therapies and treatments that might be incorporated into your daughter’s individualized care. Those options can be holistic, like nature walks, wellness exercises, and equine therapy. We also offer traditional therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Additionally, we offer neuroscientific approaches including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. If your daughter is struggling with her mental health and you don’t know where to turn, Clearview Girls Academy is here to help. Let us create an individualized program to put your daughter on the positive road to recovery. Let us help her become her best self. For more information, please contact us at (888) 796-5484.