Choosing a program and care facility for your struggling daughter can feel overwhelming. However, when you know the values and approach of each facility, this can help you make your decision. Some programs can be considered “fix-your-kid” programs that view your daughter’s care as a statistic representing their achievements. These facilities may boast success without working alongside girls and families to create solutions that stick. It is important to choose a program that considers the long-term outcome. Clearview Girls Academy views each girl who graces our door as a student with whom we will embark on a deep and lasting healing journey.

When your daughter comes to our facility, we want to ensure that she experiences long-term success. The life lessons and skills she learns here will affect every area of her life. We will involve your daughter in her care, which creates a sense of accomplishment and pride within her. Also, we find it is incredibly important to implement care that works for her life back at home. Coordinating with her school and support services at home allows for an easy reintegration after her time with us. What’s more, we believe involving the family and looking deeply into each student can allow for more permanent changes. Working together with the parents, we can make longer-term changes that will stay with your daughter as she moves through life.

“Fix-Your-Kid” Programs vs. a Family’s Journey

We would describe a “fix-your-kid” program as a place where you send your daughter to and forget about it. Meanwhile, you hope she comes home “fixed.” Many times these programs boast large numbers but don’t often talk about the long-term successes of their students and patients. While for some families it may seem like a good idea to entrust a daughter’s care to a program or facility only, this may cause the changes she makes to be temporary. Parental involvement is incredibly important for the long-term success of girls going through treatment.

Addressing substance use disorders (SUDs) and mental health issues should be a family journey. Finding a program that includes the family and her home life will make reintegration back into life easier. An article in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment explains how familial involvement is helpful. The authors state that “Both empirical and developmental research indicate that families are powerful resources for enhancing treatment and recovery success among youth with SUD.” While dealing with SUD can be overwhelming, with the right program, your family can contribute to your daughter’s success.

How to Participate in Your Daughter’s Recovery

Finding a facility and care program that includes the family is important in obtaining a desirable level of involvement. Long-term success can be facilitated by a program that ensures your participation in your daughter’s care. This means offering ways for you to be updated and kept abreast of her care. It also means involving you in specific therapy sessions and interventions. Our parent workshop weekends are one example of our commitment to including parents in their daughter’s healing journey.

We also work to coordinate between girls’ academic programs at home and our academic program at Clearview Girls Academy. Ensuring her care here is connected to her care when she returns home allows for the best chance of success. We aim to teach her skills and make changes that will be with her long-term. Giving her these options and participating in her care will give her the ability to avoid relapse.

Long-Term Changes in Our Program vs. “Fix-Your-Kid” Programs

Many parents find that the changes their daughter makes with us are long-lasting. Sometimes a family has tried many options and none of the changes from these “fix-your-kid” programs seemed permanent. This can happen when the care that’s given to your daughter is not holistic and based on her whole self. Many programs turn out quick results, but don’t put the time and work into therapy to secure life-long changes.

Our program is different because we focus on many core areas of your daughter’s life. Focusing on her academic health alongside her mental health will allow her to succeed in areas she might have struggled with before. Girls spend on average a minimum of one year in our facility and program. We find that they need this time to make significant internal differences. Sometimes it can take months for a girl to feel adjusted and safe enough in therapy to do the deep work of uncovering underlying issues.

While there are many different ways for your daughter to engage in therapy and care, choosing Clearview Girls Academy ensures she will have one-on-one care that will heal her at her core. This type of focus will help her avoid relapse and increase her trust in her family and care team. Everything we do is set up to facilitate life-long changes that stick with your daughter, even after she returns home.

As a parent, you want the best care possible for your daughter. Ensuring your daughter receives the most holistic and all-encompassing care will lead to changes that are long lasting. What’s more, your involvement in your daughter’s care will be crucial for her continued success. Using our program to gain a better understanding of your daughter and to establish a caring and trusting relationship will heal the whole family. We aim to ensure her continued health after she leaves us and goes home. Our program is different than other “fix-your-kid” programs because we are committed to our students’ futures. If you are interested in learning more about Clearview Girls Academy, give us a call today at (888) 796-5484.