What happens when parents discover that their daughter has been experimenting with marijuana? Usually, one of three scenarios will take place. In the first scenario, the parents may shrug off the marijuana use as a harmless substance and typical adolescent fun. These parents often think: You know, it’s no worse than drinking. In the second instance, parents may sit their child down and discuss the dangers of overdoing it with marijuana, while letting them know that occasional use is okay. After all, marijuana is becoming legal in many places. In the third situation, parents may go to extremes in the other direction, chastising their children for their bad choices: Shouldn’t our child know better? 

While Clearview Girls Academy does not claim to be the absolute authority on recovery, we believe there are problems with all three of these approaches. 

Why Typical Approaches to Marijuana Use Don’t Work

The biggest program with the first two parenting approaches is this: Marijuana is not a harmless, “natural” substance that’s no worse – or even better than — drinking. Marijuana is a mind-altering substance that negatively affects brain function and development. Marijuana also carries its own unique risks of harm. Although people may think experimentation is normal, using marijuana to cope with life or “relax” is not safe or healthy for anyone – and especially for teenagers with developing minds.

The Risks to the Buyer

Several important factors make marijuana use unsafe. Again, this is especially true with adolescents who have developing brains and may not have the capacity to safely and skillfully navigate situations. Marijuana is often cultivated at high potencies. It also can be blended with many other substances, unbeknownst to the buyer. This makes marijuana risky to ingest, even at small doses.

The Drawbacks of Scolding

Denying the dangers associated with marijuana use doesn’t work, but quite often, neither does scolding children and forbidding its use. At Clearview Girls Academy, we believe in a policy of love and compassion. Part of compassion is trying to remember what it was like when you were their age. Ask yourself: Did your parents ever command that you stop something? How did that work for you? We were all that age once. At Clearview Girls Academy, we believe that this adage holds: “The more you say no, the more enticing it becomes.” 

There’s A Better Way

The truth is, rather than being permissive or scolding children, there are many effective ways of treating , including marijuana use. Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we use a well-balanced program to help girls overcome their issues with marijuana.

Marijuana Is Becoming Legalized; Is it Still Dangerous?

At the time of this writing, marijuana is legal in 19 states. This trend of legalization can be very dangerous to the adolescent mindset. Why? Because adolescents are receiving the message that this mind-altering substance is okay.

According to a 2013 article in The Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association, “Data clearly show that about 10% of those who use cannabis become dependent on it; this number is higher among adolescents.” Yes, it is dangerous. Let’s not kid ourselves, and let’s not kid our kids either.

Why Is Marijuana More Harmful to Teenagers?

According to a 2014 peer-reviewed article in Current Pharmaceutical Design, marijuana can be especially harmful to adolescents’ developing minds. The article highlights research that shows that heavy teen users end up having compromised neurocognitive performance, structural changes to the brain, and altered brain functioning. 

In the article, the authors state, “Maturational brain changes, particularly myelination and synaptic pruning, are occurring throughout adolescence, well into early adulthood. These remodeling processes are purportedly linked to efficient neural processing and are believed to underlie specialized cognitive processing necessary for optimal neurocognitive performance.”

That may be an earful, but it means that marijuana use in adolescence actually “rewires” children’s thought processes. The substance can quite literally alter the way your child processes information and assesses situations moving forward. That’s why we at Clearview Girls Academy use a wide variety of therapies that repair and improve girls’ neural pathways.

We are not trying to scare you with negative statistics and clinical jargon here; that is not our objective. Our objective is to get your daughter and your family the best help you can get.

How Is Marijuana Use Treated at Clearview Girls Academy?

Clearview Girls Academy treats many different mental health issues.  We believe in a balanced program of recovery that includes emotional, academic, and spiritual work. Many different forms of therapy — from equine therapy to neurofeedback – are incorporated to improve your daughter’s emotional and cognitive states. 

Academic Recovery

At our facility, we will use our full academic accreditation to get your daughter back on track academically and to ensure she doesn’t fall behind. We move forward in all facets of life and recovery at Clearview Girls Academy. The rest of the world doesn’t stop or slow down, and neither do we.

Spiritual Growth

Clearview Girls Academy also addresses the spiritual side of life, and we offer many opportunities for spiritual growth. This may come from our teachings of Jesus Christ or from being surrounded by acres of natural wonder at our ranch. All forms of spirituality are welcome here.

A Holistic and Nonjudgmental Approach

It takes a holistic approach to help adolescents recover from addictive behavior. We offer that approach to help your daughter shed her dependence on all substances, including marijuana. Also, please know that we don’t judge the three parenting approaches mentioned earlier. We are all doing our best with the information we have. Quite simply, we offer a time-tested way to address these issues, which is backed by 25 years of success. If you are struggling with marijuana use in your family, please know that there is hope. We can help your family find a better path forward. 

Many people dismiss the idea that marijuana has negative effects. This is partly because marijuana is becoming legal in so many states. However, when it comes to the adolescent mind, this way of thinking is dangerous. Marijuana can alter a child’s brain development. Dependence on marijuana can create problems at home, at school, with spiritual life, and with one’s long-term health. At Clearview Girls Academy, we can help your child recover from the effects of excessive marijuana use. With our assistance, they can get on the path to a healthier and more successful life. We want to help your daughter become the woman she was always meant to be. For more information, please call Clearview Girls Academy at (888) 796-5484.