School is a lot more than a grade on a page or report card. School is where our kids learn to grow and flourish – and they don’t do that by simply answering a few questions on a quiz.

Although we at Clearview Girls Academy take a holistic approach to learning, we are not trying to diminish the value of academic achievement. In fact, academic achievement is one of the three core principles we promote. However, if your daughter is struggling in her academics, it probably has a lot more to do with the issues she is dealing with beneath the surface rather than her study skills.

School is a complex social environment that can sometimes cause a child to shut down or even act out. This seems especially true in today’s tech-boom social media age. A child who is struggling with social dynamics in the classroom can now carry those struggles back home with them on their phones in their pockets.

What’s Beneath Your Child’s School Struggles? 

School struggles are compounded for those children struggling with mental health issues. This is why it is important to address the underlying issues that may be affecting your daughter’s poor academic performance. If you want to investigate underlying causes while improving academic performance, we feel that Clearview Girls Academy may be the right choice for you.

Parents who send their daughters to Clearview Girls Academy should understand that academics is paramount. Clearview Girls Academy is a fully accredited middle school and high school that can ensure that students will receive the academic education they need to keep up with their classmates back home.

The Correlation Between Mental Health and Academic Achievement

According to a public health report published by The National Library of Medicine, “The figures usually indicated for diagnosable mental disorders suggest that between 12% and 22% of all youngsters under age 18 are in need of services for mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. The picture worsens when one expands the focus beyond the limited perspective on diagnosable mental disorders to encompass the number of young people experiencing psychosocial problems and those who are at risk of not maturing into responsible adults.” These numbers can be directly correlated to students struggling to keep up with their peers in school.

Of course, one cannot rule out the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Is it any surprise that students are struggling to maintain their academic livelihoods when so many of them are struggling with undiagnosed mental health issues?

A study discussed in the journal, Children and Youth Services Review, found “that achievement and behavior are related. [The] results suggest that there is an inverse relationship between achievement and behavior and that this relationship has lasting effects over time, particularly for reading scores.” As you can see, there is a direct connection between mental health and academic achievement, not that that is a surprise.

The Importance of Academic Achievement at Clearview Girls Recovery

In light of those aforementioned statistics and studies, we here at Clearview Girls Academy place a big emphasis on education. Struggling in school does not merely affect mental health in the moment. It can disrupt your child’s life long into adulthood.

Imagine that your child’s education is like a NASCAR race. Those who have a better record often start the next race earlier and with better track placement than their opponents. This creates a vicious cycle of the same people starting ahead and staying ahead. The same can be said with those falling behind in school.

We aim to break that vicious cycle by getting your daughter the help she needs. This help isn’t solely academic. We need to get to the root causes of what’s impinging on her academic growth. Once we can diagnose and start to treat those underlying issues, we can begin to focus on her academic career. We have the top-notch tools to accomplish this task.

How Clearview Girls Academy Incorporates Academics Into Its Treatment Program

One of the best and most unique offers we have here at Clearview Girls Academy is the ability to continue your daughter’s education on-site. We are a fully accredited middle school and high school. Our students create weekly learning goals tailored to their particular academic needs.

Our individualized focus allows our students to blossom much more fully than they would in their often much larger classrooms. Another special aspect of our approach is that we can accelerate your daughter’s academic career if she has fallen behind. We can help your daughter earn two years of credits in the time it would take students in traditional classrooms to complete one year’s worth of credits. We can also enable her to get ahead by offering college courses. 

For a very long time, children struggling with their grades have been stigmatized as lazy or simply lacking in intelligence. This stigma is inaccurate.  These kids are not struggling because of a lack of interest or ability; they are struggling because they need to receive the right kind of attention to help them flourish. Your daughter deserves a fulfilled academic life, and we aim to give it to her.

Academic struggle can be one of the primary side effects of adolescent mental health issues. A child who is focused entirely on their mental well-being cannot also be expected to also have a productive focus on academics. When your daughter starts falling behind, it can be scary. We understand. There is a direct correlation between academic achievement now and professional achievement later on. However, do not be discouraged. There is a solution to your daughter’s academic struggles, and it starts with addressing the emotional issues that are happening beneath the surface. If you feel like your daughter is in emotional and academic trouble, don’t worry. We can help her.  For more information, call Clearview Girls Academy today at (888) 796-5484.