Will My Daughter Be Safe at Clearview Girls Academy Recovery Center?
As parents, we understand that our primary job is making sure that our kids are kept safe and out of harm’s way. This is rather straightforward when it comes to physical safety, but it becomes slightly less concrete when it comes to their mental and emotional safety. The truth is that issues of mental and emotional health are not intentional. When they arise, we must deal with them as soon as possible. Sometimes the best solution for handling mental health issues is to find a recovery center. When we decide to find a recovery center, we must choose one that keeps their students’ safety a priority.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, the safety of our students is paramount. We want to ensure that our students can fully express themselves while also ensuring that they create no harm for themselves or others. This is why we incorporate a system that allows the students to grow while also making them accountable for their actions.

The truth is that issues of mental illness and/or self-medicating can bring with them the potential for physical harm to themselves and others. When this happens it is a sign that more significant action needs to be taken. The right recovery center can help a child learn to mitigate their harmful behaviors in the present moment while also learning the skills to manage their behaviors in the long term.

Finding the Right Recovery Center for You

When researching the right recovery center for a child, it is important to take several factors into account. These include therapeutic options, spiritual values, academic offerings, and financial realities. But they also must include an overview of the safety procedures at the facility.

While your daughter is working on her emotional self, she cannot be concerned about her physical well-being. This has never been an issue at Clearview Girls Academy. We keep a compliance officer on site at all times to ensure the absolute safety of our students. However, we also do not “mute” our students for the sake of safety. What we mean by that is that we encourage our students to express themselves fully at Clearview Girls Academy.

We call it “getting messy.” Our students need to know that they can tell us anything and everything that is going on with them mentally and emotionally. This creates a necessary bond between the staff and students here. It also establishes trust and an agreement that any acts of physicality will not be tolerated. We believe in mutual respect, and that belief has served us and our students well.

The Priority of Safety at Clearview Girls Academy Recovery Center

Our safety record speaks for itself at Clearview Girls Academy, and that is not merely because of our safety policies. It is because when a student arrives here, we make an agreement between staff, students, and parents that we are all here for the same purpose. That purpose is recovery.

We also utilize a safety system that makes our students accountable for each other. The older students are tasked with helping the other students navigate their recovery journey here at Clearview Girls Academy. This doesn’t just help our new students get acclimated to their surroundings, but it also helps our older students commit to “service work” in recovery. It also helps all of our students establish, or reestablish, the communication skills that will benefit them long after they leave our recovery center.

Relatability is a huge part of recovery. Our new students must see what our older students are doing. This is because active struggles with mental illness can make recovery feel unattainable. When our new students see that others who have the same issues are succeeding, it inspires them to do the same.

Instilling a Respect for Safety in Long-Term Recovery

One of our guiding principles here at Clearview Girls Academy comes from Peter 1:5-9. It says, to “make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.”

We want our students to understand that we prioritize their safety not out of obligation, but out of love and mutual affection. Also, we don’t want our students to “behave” simply because that is what we require. No, we want our students to consider how their actions will affect their classmates and ultimately their own lives as well.

Again, we want to iterate that safety is always paramount here at Clearview Girls Academy. Our students are never put in harm’s way. We also want to emphasize that we don’t just force safety on our students. Instead, we instill a respect for safety that they can then carry with them after they leave our doors. Because our students have a right to demand safety, not just here, but everywhere they may go from here.

Here at Clearview Girls Academy, we take the safety of our students extremely seriously. From a medical, mental, physical, psychological, and emotional standpoint, safety is paramount. That is also why we enlist experienced professionals to ensure that our student’s safety is secure. We also have set guidelines that will not only keep our students safe but will also guide them safely as they continue down their path of recovery. We know that by maintaining safety as a priority, our students can better focus on why they came to stay with us in the first place: recovery. For more information on the safety precautions we have in place, please reach out to Clearview Girls Academy today at (888) 796-5484.